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Posts by Amanda Hamel

Amanda is a full-time adventure-seeking optimist. As well as a part-time blog writer and social media manager at Incentivio!

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Enhance Your Restaurant Experience With Storytelling Through Food

Want to learn how to make your restaurant a memorable experience for your guests? Use storytelling!

A Restaurant's Guide to Building a Strong Online Presence

Establishing an online presence is no longer just an option for restaurant owners and operators – it's a necessity.

Strategies for Managing a Multigenerational Workforce in Your Restaurant

Collaboration lies at the heart of restaurant success, and cultivating an environment where generations work in harmony is essential.

Savoring Solo: The Joys and Benefits of Dining Alone

The rise of solo dining is a testament to the evolving ways in which we engage with food and the experiences it offers.

How Ghost Kitchens and Virtual Restaurants are Changing the Food Industry

The future of the food industry is here, and it's virtual. Here’s everything you need to know about virtual restaurants!

Empowering Small Restaurants: How Technology Levels the Playing Field

We'll show you how affordable and scalable technology is revolutionizing small restaurants, empowering them to compete with larger chains on equal footing!

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