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How to Build a Restaurant Brand From Scratch

In the restaurant industry, it’s crucial to have a defining aspect that sets your business apart from others. Solid brand identity will help you achieve this. As the industry becomes more saturated, creating a unique experience for guests is just as important as serving delicious food. If you’re not sure how to build a brand that will leave a lasting impression, then you’ve come to the right place!

What is Restaurant Branding?

Your brand is a direct reflection of your restaurant. When you build your restaurant brand you’re communicating to people what they can expect from you. The way a restaurant is branded will define the experience guests will receive when they visit. Essentially the brand is the personality of the restaurant, but it is also so much more. The restaurant’s concept, design, attitude, personality, and many more things will all add up to create a brand. All of these need to work together to make a memorable and unique experience that will leave your guests craving more!

Why is Branding Important?

Your brand is what makes you different from other restaurants. It will help you stand out among your competitors and make your business recognizable. It is also the glue that holds your restaurant together. When done correctly your restaurant will feel cohesive across all platforms. No matter where it is when you create a brand your guests will start associating it with items that remind them of their experience there. For example, if your guests see something that is the same color as your brand logo then they will automatically think of you! Having a brand will also motivate guests to build an emotional connection with your restaurant. This will increase loyal guests as well as attract a larger audience!

Build a Restaurant Brand in 3 Steps

Your brand can be designed exactly how you’d like it, but there are a few elements that you will want to consider implementing into your restaurant brand strategy! 

1. Brand Image

Designing a brand image from scratch can seem scary, but once you get your creative juices flowing you’ll be on the road to building a successful brand! A brand image has a lot of different aspects that go into it. You’ll need to choose a color palette, logo, and typography, and decide on the ambiance you’ll want in your restaurant. Be careful when deciding on these aspects because they’ll affect the way your brand is perceived by guests. The brand image is often what your guests will notice first about your restaurant, and we all know how important that first impression is. You won’t want to just choose a set of colors because they’re your favorite. Take the time to do industry research and figure out what works best and what your competitors look like. Every individual part of your brand should complement each other to generate a cohesive experience!

2. Brand Voice

There’s a lot more than just design elements that go into building a strong brand. One of the most important aspects of your brand is its voice. The way you communicate with your customers will show them your brand voice. Your brand voice should be prominent in every aspect of your brand overall. It will define your brand's identity. The voice should match the stylistic choices of your brand to keep it cohesive. Let's say you decide to have a loud and bold brand voice. You’ll want to choose an equally as bold color scheme to match it! 

3. Brand Values

To complete your brand identity, you’ll need to determine what your brand values will be. The values a brand has will help guide the behavior, decision-making process, and brand story. As the restaurant owner, you’ll want to choose values that align with your own. Creating brand values is part of the fundamentals of building a brand from scratch. They will help connect you with your guests on a more personal level and ensure your business remains unique. When deciding on your values you will also want to make a mission statement that aligns with them. A mission statement is a formal summary of the aims and values of your business. You can share this on your website, in your store, and even on social media to help guests understand what your values are and why you chose them. 

3 Ways to Market Your Restaurant Brand

If you’re trying to build a successful restaurant, designing the brand is just the first step. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have to learn how to market your brand. Here are a few ways to start:

1. Digital Branding

In the day and age we live in, digital branding is very important. This includes your social media, website, marketing emails, and any other online presence for your brand. The way you present your business online should directly reflect the identity you designed for your brand. An online presence is a great place to express your brand voice as well as utilize images to get more people talking about your restaurant! The digital brand experience should be cohesive throughout all of your platforms, including your ordering systems and mobile app. This can be achieved easily by choosing an all-in-one restaurant engagement platform that allows you to keep your brand front and center! 

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2. Branded Merchandise

Selling branded merchandise will help your brand in multiple different ways. To start, you’ll be adding a diverse stream of revenue to your restaurant. This will help boost your profit and allow you to consider more ways of expanding your brand. Along with that, loyal customers will be able to show their love for your brand by purchasing your merchandise. This will become a form of marketing for your restaurant! When your guests wear your branded clothing they become a walking advertisement for you. With an eye-catching design, other people will be intrigued by the merchandise and may even strike up a conversation about it! That's both word-of-mouth and visual marketing, all generated by your branded merchandise!

3. Branded Restaurant Experience

Guests are always looking for a way to turn their dining experience into a unique and memorable time. Using your restaurant brand, you will be able to make this happen! The ambiance and atmosphere of your restaurant should match your brand identity and can be expanded into making an original experience. This can be done by incorporating branded entertainment and elements into your restaurant experience, or even by designing your restaurant to look a certain way. Stay consistent and authentic with your restaurant brand and you’ll be creating an experience that will keep the customers coming back for more! 


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