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Posts in Online Ordering

Google Ordering | How to Order with Google using Your Restaurant

Google Ordering is a recent newcomer in the world of third-party ordering. Learn how to order with Google using your restaurant's Google Business Profile.

Why All Restaurants Should Offer Catering Services

Learn how you can boost your restaurant sales and expand your audience by offering catering at your restaurant!

Enhance Restaurant Online Ordering with Upsells

Learn how to enhance guest satisfaction while simultaneously boosting your restaurant’s revenue by combining upsells with online ordering!

How to Maximize ROI for Your Restaurant

Want to know how to increase your restaurant's revenue? Here are 4 ways you can do that by maximizing your ROI!

How Digital Ordering is Changing the Restaurant Industry

The pandemic has changed the restaurant experience for consumers, and they don’t want to go back! Learn how the demand for digital ordering has impacted restaurants and how they’re combating it.

Why Online Ordering for Restaurants is Beneficial for Brands and Guests

Online ordering represents one-third of all restaurant orders post-pandemic. Learn about the benefits that it can bring to your restaurants and guests!

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