December 2018

5 Ways to Use Survey Data to Serve Restaurant Guests Better

by incentivio

5 Ways to Use Survey Data to Serve Restaurant Guests Better

Before sending out a survey, think about the goal of your survey. Do you want feedback on your restaurant or are you trying to learn more about your guests? With Incentivio you have the ability to target specific customer segments with specific surveys, allowing you to increase response rate. Here are a couple of approaches that have worked:

1. First and foremost, you need your guests to take your survey! Incentives significantly increase survey response rate, so offering a coupon or discount for a survey response is an important first step. 

2. Gather demographic info by asking questions about their dietary preferences, home location, income level, age and gender will help you learn about your customers and serve them better. We advise caution here though – customers have the same demographics may not necessarily think or behave similarly!

3. Target customers that haven’t been to the restaurant in a while with a combined survey and offer. You could ask, “How would you rate your last experience with us from 1-10?” or “how would you rate our service at your last visit?” This gives you the opportunity to find out what happened and how you can regain their trust and business while rewarding survey completion with a reward that will likely bring the guest in again.

4. Target customers with low average basket values and survey them on their buying behavior. This will give you insight into how you can possibly influence them to visit more often or spend more – for example with a combo offer. 

5. You should try to ask the same question over period of time. If you are trying to measure guest satisfaction and the survey shows you have an average score of 7/10, does that mean your guests are happy or merely content? Measuring change over time will give you insight into whether your restaurant is serving its guests better over time.

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