June 2019

Removing Friction in the Restaurant Digital Guest Experience

by incentivio

Removing Friction in the Restaurant Digital Guest Experience

The restaurant industry is undergoing a digital revolution and restaurants need to craft a multi-channel digital guest experience to build and sustain long-term relationships with guests. Restaurant industry leaders cite digital ordering as one of the most important avenues for future growth. In fact, the NPD Group reports that, “Restaurant digital orders have grown at an average annual rate of 23 percent since 2013 and will triple in volume by the end of 2020…”

Chipotle’s Brian Niccol reinforces this in a QSR Magazine Fast Forward Podcast and explains that removing friction from the digital guest experience has opened the door for long-term growth. He states that providing a seamless pickup and delivery experience is one of their focus areas, with initiatives like “Order ahead” and “Chipotlane”. 

How can restaurants remove friction from their digital guest experience?

One of the best ways to reduce friction is to implement initiatives like order ahead, restaurants can reduce the reliance on phone orders which are error prone and time consuming. By replacing phone orders with digital ordering, restaurants with even moderate digital traffic can save an average of 20 employee hours per week, per location. Additionally, ordering through a digital platform provides guests the ability to easily customize their meals, increasing average check size.

Another way to reduce friction is to implement a platform where a single digital wallet gives the guest the ability to apply offers, loyalty points and access stored credit cards. Without a wallet across multiple channels, guests have to enter their credit card information multiple times and loyalty points aren’t accessible across all ordering channels. By taking away the time-intensive aspects of the digital experience, guests will be more inclined to order across all digital channels.

By removing friction from the digital guest experience, you will create a faster and leaner restaurant with more satisfied customers and higher order volumes. Click here to schedule a demo to see how we have helped restaurants increase sales and stand out from the competition.

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