November 2019

Is Your Restaurant Wasting Labor Hours?

by incentivio

Is Your Restaurant Wasting Labor Hours

Labor as a percentage of total cost is an important metric for restaurants. Trying to estimate call-outs, requested time off, and outside factors like weather and local events mean staffing shifts efficiently remains a challenge for managers. A streamlined digital ordering experience can help you combat these common kitchen operational inefficiencies.

A common operational issue we see in restaurants is an excess of tablets. In the era of third-party delivery, many restaurants try to work with as many third party services as possible. As a restaurant adds more delivery services, they add more devices. Platforms like GrubHub, Doordash, and Uber Eats require new technology to add to your restaurant’s day-to-day system. These tablets slow down operations, increasing the training time for employees and increasing the risk of miscommunication and human error when entering information from one system to the other.

All of these separate systems can lead to other operational issues as well. Having employees cross-train on phones and tablets, on top of POS training means more unproductive time which is further compounded by staff turnover. It also increases the odds that an employee makes a mistake on one system or another.

Non-integrated tablets are not the only path to human error and upset customers either. With the busy, generally noisy environment in a restaurant, phone orders have a high likelihood of errors. Inaccurate orders, lack of attention to dietary restrictions or other specified requests will disappoint your guests and will require your kitchen to remake the order. This results in wasted food and labor, and can significantly impact the bottom line.

How Can a Better Digital Ordering Experience Help?

– Orders Fire Directly to the POS – Instead of managing multiple tablets, you can have orders that print directly at the right prep station at the right time, eliminating the need to manage future tickets and keeping the prep line moving efficiently.

– Reducing phone orders Gen Z’ers think calling a restaurant to order food is “too time consuming”. Customers can use a good digital ordering experience much more efficiently to reduce phone orders. Ordering digitally reduces the likelihood of errors, which is a crucial part of a great guest experience.

– Simpler and Faster Training – With less things to learn, employees come up to speed faster and are generally more efficient.

We don’t believe that technology can replace the human connection that employees provide. However, we do believe that employees should be freed up to focus on the guests that are actually inside your restaurant and provide the best experience possible. By streamlining your ordering platform, you can improve operations and limit wasted labor. Click here to learn more about our services to cut down on labor costs.

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