Branded Online Ordering

Incentivio’s integrated online ordering sends orders directly to your POS making it easy for your employees to execute on incoming orders. With integrated ordering we make menu management simple – you will only need to manage your menus in one place. 

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Menu Images

Our apps’ menus feature images at every level to make the ordering experience as visual as possible. Don’t have images? Our apps handle that too and look good doing it!

Integrated Loyalty & Marketing 

Whether you want to use points, punches, or cause-based loyalty, we can help you stand out from the competition. You can easily reward your most loyal guests or even reach out to guests that haven’t visited for a while. Learn more about our loyalty capabilities. Learn more about our loyalty capabilities.

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Gift cards

Our state-of-the art gift cards can be loaded onto the web app and used in a scan-to-pay format in the store, or used as a prepayment method on the app. Multiple gift cards can be saved in the wallet. Learn more about our gift card capabilities.

Card wallet

Save credit cards and securely use them across locations. We support some of the largest payment processors in the US and Canada. 

Inbox & Emails

Send inbox messages & emails to alert users about a new promotion or to tell them about an upcoming event at your restaurant!


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