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From the Hearth

Same store sales increase
Weekly digital orders per location

Cafe's and bakeries are busiest outside of their working hours, so allowing guests to quickly and conveniently order and pick up their food and beverages is key to operating efficiently. From The Hearth partnered with Incentivio to launch an online ordering site and mobile app that allows guests to conveniently order their freshly brewed coffee, phenomenal food, and delicious baked goods. Within two months of launching and marketing their new digital guest experience, they saw same store sales increase by an average of 16% across all locations, with around 1,000 digital orders a month per location.

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"From The Hearth believes in investing in our guests, our community and our employees. Our mobile app and online ordering pair perfectly with our POS system to provide our guests with convenient ways to order, while allowing our employees during peak hours to do what they do best - helping our guests and making them feel a part of the family. We're excited to see amazing results in such a short period of time!"

Jon Watson CFO of From The Hearth

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