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July 2019


$350k Annual mobile sales per location
10% Use the app daily
62% After ordering once, ordered again

About Pura Vida Miami 
Pura Vida was created by husband and wife to serve as a place for friends and family to gather, with a menu that works for any time of the day and locally sourced and organic ingredients. Whether you’re a health conscious 20 something, an athlete, a soccer mom, dog mom, a foodie, whoever they have something for you. They strive to make an impact in the community not just by providing healthy food, but by creating a community of people who value quality and health.

Custom App that Fit Brand Aesthetic 
Incentivio designed an app that matches Pura Vida’s brand perfectly while offering loyal customers a convenient, feature-rich and easy-to-use app. In order to accommodate vegan, vegetarian, gluten-friendly, and dairy-free guests, the app allows guests to enter allergy information.

POS Integration Makes Updating Menus Simple 
Incentivio integrates with the leading POS systems to ensure a seamless digital guest experience. Pura Vida’s menus, promotions and discounts are completely synced for accurate reporting. 

Increasing Interaction with Guests 
Since 73% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their guest experience, an increasing amount of restaurants are prioritizing improving the digital guest experience. With their newest location launching on a college campus, Pura Vida anticipated digital ordering becoming a larger portion of their business. Pura Vida wanted to increase loyalty and engagement with their guests and provide a modern ordering solution.

The Pura Vida app has been a tremendous success from day one – their app reached 8% of total sales in the first few weeks and is projected to account for over $350,000 in sales per location the first year.  Since launch, customer retention has been a crucial part of their mobile success. After ordering once, 62% of customers used the app again, and one out of every ten customers use the app on a daily basis. Only 22% of restaurants offer mobile pay or payment through an app and Pura Vida leveraged this feature to offer convenience and a superior digital guest experience. Want to see how Incentivio can enhance your restaurant’s digital guest experience? Schedule a demo today!

Omer & Jen

Founders Pura Vida Miami

The flexibility with customizing the colors, fonts, and photos to match our branding was extremely important to us. In addition, the ability to add features like saving customer credit cards, loyalty points and delivery address were vital to our apps success, truly optimizing the customer experience. Our regulars love earning free food and skipping the line and we love the opportunity to serve them more frequently…