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The Highway Restaurant

Highway Restaurant leverages the seamless integration between Incentivio and Lightspeed to increase sales 152% y/y even without any in-store dining.

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Sales Increase Since Introducing Incentivio


Highway Restaurant is committed to providing a world class restaurant and lounge in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. The Highway Restaurant opened in 2019 offering guests two unique experiences: a family-friendly casual restaurant and a separate lounge with an exciting atmosphere. They had a strong digital digital presence in-store even before Covid leveraging Lightspeed POS, OPT, kitchen displays and digital receipts.


While Highway Restaurant was focused on digital solutions for their in-store operations, prior to Covid, they did not offer digital ordering - or takeout - and used social media as their primary means to communicate with guests. Once Covid hit, the Highway Restaurant team needed to re-imagine their digital presence and introduce online ordering.


After a lot of research, The Highway Restaurant team found and selected Incentivio as their partner to help them upgrade their online presence. Incentivio provided an all-in-one solution that not only allowed them to introduce online ordering and re-imagine their digital communication with guests, but also seamlessly integrate with their existing tech stack. "The fact that Incentivio was fully integrated with our Lightspeed POS and Moneris payments provider allowed us to simply plop Incentivio into our existing tech ecosystem," says Marcus Clarke, head of IT at Highway Restaurants.


Due to the seamless integration with Lightspeed, The Highway Restaurant was able to introduce Incentivio with almost no staff training required: "orders are posted to the POS as if they were made at the counter and are then routed seamlessly based on the rules we already setup in Lightspeed," says Marcus. With in-store dining still closed, The Highway Restaurant has existed solely through Incentivio since March, leveraging Incentivio to drive digital orders and to keep guests engaged through offers, promotions, and surveys.

"Incentivio has been the catalyst for our digital recovery," says Marcus. "Even without in-store dining, sales have increased 152% year-over-year since introducing the Incentivio platform." The Highway restaurant is excited to re-open their lounge in the coming weeks and to continue to leverage Incentivio to manage their digital guest experience "as a pivotal portion of their foodservice". In addition to re-opening on-premise operations, The Highway Restaurant plans to upgrade to Incentivio's newly enhanced Online Ordering, add the autonomous upsell engine to their digital ordering, finalize the mobile app and leverage Incentivio to streamline the return of catering operations.

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