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PAR's Brink POS

PAR's Brink POS x Incentivio

Experience the next level of restaurant engagement with the Incentivio and Brink integration. Our collaboration introduces an all-in-one restaurant engagement platform seamlessly integrated with the Brink POS solution. Elevate your restaurant's operations and customer interactions while automating processes and driving increased revenue!

Personalized Online Ordering System and Restaurant Mobile App

With Incentivio you can offer commission-free, fully branded online ordering and mobile ordering for in-store pickup, takeout, curbside, or delivery, up to 7 days in advance. Icentivio streamlines your operations between online ordering and POS with easy menu management and routes orders to specific kitchen printers or prep stations, including order throttling, ensuring consistent menu offerings for your customers. You can take advantage of the platform's robust features to enhance customer engagement by offering enticing sign-up bonuses, exclusive specials, or value-based promotions to entice guests to order directly from your restaurant's online ordering system or native app.

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Tailored Restaurant Loyalty Software and Integrated Gift Cards

Every restaurant is unique and provides guests their own tailored experience. Why not provide a tailored digital experience as well? With Icentivio's customizable restaurant loyalty software, you can craft your loyalty program based on what works best for your brand and your customers. Between a points system, punch based, or tiers based loyalty program based on the amount spent per visit, the frequency of visits, the number of referrals made, or even rewarding customers simply for joining the loyalty program it's all about giving you the power to decide how points are earned and how those points can be redeemed. With Incentivio's integrated gift cards, your guests have the ability to purchase and reload gift cards within your restaurant app, making it easier to pay in-app and via the web. Using our integration with Givex and Worldpay gift cards, you can provide customers with the ultimate digital wallet experience.

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Data-driven Restaurant Marketing Suite

Our digital marketing suite offers a variety of tools to help you create lasting engagement with your guests and attract new customers. With data-driven automation, you can target the right guests with the right offers at the right time, boosting your sales and online presence through effective restaurant marketing. Incentivio's restaurant marketing suite offers a variety of discount types to suit your needs! Whether it's amount-based or percentage-based discounts, you can target them to apply to an entire order, a menu group, or a specific item. These targeted restaurant offers are designed to boost customer loyalty and attract new customers for optimal success. With SpotOn and Incentivio integration customer data is populated from web and app ordering, as well as in store transactions and customers are then segmented based off of this data and ordering patterns so you can send the right targeted offers to the right guests at the right time.

Machine Learning for Restaurants with Upsells and Churn Management powered by Artificial Intelligence

With Incentivio you can elevate your guest journey with AI in restaurants and machine learning in the restaurant industry that deliver powerful results and insights by increasing guest retention, engagement, and lifetime value. Our recommendations engine utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to autonomously suggest upsells and cross-sells during checkout on your restaurant's app or branded online ordering platform. By analyzing same-store sales data, we identify patterns in guest preferences, leading to highly accurate recommendations for each location. Regional-based preferences are considered, ensuring that the suggested upsells align perfectly with your customers' tastes! You can also stop lost revenue with Incentivio's Churn Management powered by AI that automatically identifies at-risk guests and automates personalized offers that increase customer retention by four-ten times.

White-label Third Party Delivery

Incentivio's integrations with Uber, DoorDash Drive, and Shipday allow you to provide a native delivery solution from your branded online ordering system and restaurant mobile app without the 20-30% commission and extra fees from using traditional third-party services. A custom experience, surrounded by your logos, graphics, fonts, order flow, descriptions and other functionality, is going to help build brand recognition and loyalty without losing profit and adding more fees to your guests. By keeping delivery in your own online ordering system and restaurant app you can manage your menu, change prices, push out marketing promotions whenever you want, and more! 

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