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Google Ads

Supercharge Your Restaurant's Online Presence with the Incentivio and Google Adwords Integration!

Bring an exciting dimension to your marketing efforts with the Incentivio and Google Adwords integration, powered through Segment. An easy-to-use event mapping interface so you can use your existing track events to trigger conversions and re-marketing tags. Revenue will be mapped and passed along automatically, plus your event properties get sent through to AdWords as custom parameters. You can also fire one or more re-marketing tags on all pages of your site, using just the conversion label identifier.

How the Incentivio and Google Adwords Integration Works

Laser-focused Advertising

Reach the right customers at the right time. Leverage Google Ads' precision targeting combined with Incentivio's customer insights to craft compelling campaigns that resonate. You can target custom Google ads based on country, city, region, or distance from location!

Real-time Performance Tracking

Keep your finger on the pulse of your campaigns. Monitor clicks, conversions, and engagement metrics to optimize your strategy on the fly.

Seamless Conversion Tracking

Connect the dots between ad clicks and real-world actions. Gain insights into how your online efforts impact in-person visits, orders, and loyalty interactions.

Take back control of your guest journey

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