Flexible Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Our powerful, flexible loyalty functionality allows you to create a unique, brand-specific program and fine-tune it over time.

Awarding Loyalty Points

We provide the ability to reward guests for in-store transactions, online ordering and mobile app purchases. There are many ways your restaurant rewards program can be set up on Incentivio. Here are a few examples of what can be done:

  • Points based on spend
  • Bonus points for signing up
  • Points can awarded for mobile app, web, and in-store orders
  • Points for categories or items
  • Refer friends to earn points
  • Bonuses for sharing messages on social media
  • Check-in points
  • Seasonal or limited time promotions

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Redeeming Loyalty Points

Guests can view their loyalty balances and redeem their loyalty points on the branded mobile app or web ordering application. Restaurant staff can look up loyalty accounts right within the POS* and apply points or offers to checks (*based on POS support). 


What do Loyalty Points look like?

Points can visually look like almost anything, and can even incorporate your logo! Some of our clients have based their loyalty program on punches, points or worthy causes such as saving the rainforest or helping those in need.

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Beyond Loyalty – Surprise & Delight

Plus, use our flexible marketing system to provide your loyalty members “Surprise and delight” type rewards – whether it’s a free item or a limited time Buy One Get One promotion.