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Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Our restaurant loyalty programs will help you turn guests into regulars and reward them for all of the ways they interact with your brand!


Loyalty programs from loyalty points to digital punch cards and everything in between.

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Loyalty is account-based so guests can earn and redeem points for all the ways they interact with your brand.

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Customizable Loyalty Programs


Points Based on Spend, Referral, or Sign up

Want to reward guests for every dollar they spend, how often they visit, invite friends, or for simply signing up? Well, now you can! And you have full customization for points to earn and spend!

Seasonal or Limited Time Promotions

Incentivize guests to try your seasonal items by adding a reward when they order! The possibilities are endless.

Bonuses for Sharing on Social Media

Guests want to share how much they enjoy your restaurant so why not let them earn rewards while they're at it!

Wing It On! Loyalty

Omnichannel Loyalty Experience


Online Web Orders

Guests can sign into their account online to order from your restaurant and earn points via the web.

Native Mobile App Orders

Our white-label, fully branded mobile apps allow your brand to stay front and center so guests can order on the go from anywhere and earn points!

In-store with Integrated POS Partners

Our restaurant loyalty programs integrate with our POS partners allowing guests to earn points in-store.

What Our Clients Are Saying


"Within eight months of launching Incentivio, we increased our loyalty membership by 80% and doubled our digital (mobile and web) transaction volume. Within a year, we have seen an almost 300% return on our investment in Incentivio."

John DeVoie

Hot Table / President

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