Flexible Order Options from Contactless Delivery to Curbside Pickup

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Part of what makes Incentivio unique is the flexibility of the platform. We know restaurants operate in different ways based on geography, weather, guest preferences and even staff capabilities. This is why we designed Ordering Options – the industry’s first flexible order type that power your operations the way you want.

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What is it?

Ordering Options are configurable options within pickup & delivery. They are most commonly used for curbside pickup and contactless delivery, but can be used for any purpose. The main functions of this feature are:

Provide instructions to the customer (app, web) 
– How it works 
– Where to call or email

Provide instructions to staff (printed on check) 
– Type of order 
– What to do


How do I use it?

You can set the options up directly within our portal – as many as you would like. Options can include operational instructions for guests (e.g. You can park in any spot and pop your trunk. We’ll be out in 3-5 minutes with your food!) and ask them for any information you need (e.g. Car make, model & license plate).

All this information is printed on the guest check, making it easier for your staff to provide a great guest experience!


Communicating with guests

Communication with the guest is the single most important aspect of new pickup and delivery models like curbside takeout and contactless delivery, and we’ve given it a lot of thought and attention. The instructions your create are shown before an order is created, upon order confirmation and in the order history as well. 


Know When Guests Arrive with Our "I'm Here" Feature

With our new "I'm here" feature, guests can let you know when they arrive by hitting a button in the mobile app that pings a tablet at the host stand inside of the restaurant. Think of this like a curbside expeditor tablet! You'll always know when your guests are ready to pickup their order, and you can quickly run the order out to the them since you've already collected their car make, model, and license plate.

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