Restaurant Gift Cards for flexible loyalty and payment

Our restaurant gift cards are fully integrated with our all-in-one restaurant platform. Guests can use gift cards in-store, on mobile, online, and create digital wallets for flexible payment options.

Built for Multi-location Operators and Franchises

Restaurant gift cards for multi-units and money management.

Easy Access Fund Pooling

Our fund pooling feature allows multi-location restaurant concepts to view a summary of gift card activity by location. No more comparing reports back and forth, keep all your relevant information in one location.

Money Movement Management

Make periodic transfers between the pool account and individual restaurant location accounts to ensure that restaurant locations are compensated for the gift cards that are used across the restaurants!

Automated ACH

Our intelligent guest engagement software gives you the ability to set up monthly, automated transfers of funds into and out of the gift card pooling account.

Create a digital wallet experience

With just a few clicks, physical gift cards can be turned into digital gift cards through your restaurant app! Guests can now carry their gift cards everywhere they go in a secure location- their phones!

Managing Gift Card Reconciliation

Gift card reconciliation is the process of matching the sales and redemption of gift cards in the restaurant's accounting records with actual transactions. This involves tracking each card from the moment it's sold or activated, through any transactions used as payment, to its final depletion.

The goal is to ensure that the amount brought in from selling gift cards matches the amount redeemed, accounting for any remaining balances.

Incentivio makes it easy to accomplish by tracking sales and redemption data at all your locations.

Restaurant gift card reconciliation with Incentivio's gift card system.

Easy Gift Card Management

Managing Gift Cards shouldn’t be a hassle. Gift card management with Incentivio includes:

  • Trigger Offers: The ability to trigger restaurant marketing campaigns, surveys, and loyalty bonuses with gift card purchases.
  • Automatic Refunds: Automatic returns when guests purchase a restaurant gift card and mistype the email address and the confirmation email never makes it to an inbox.
Restaurant gift cards for mobile apps and restaurant online ordering systems.

Advanced Security Measures

Keep your and your customers’ data safe through industry-standard encryption protocols. In the context of gift cards, this means encrypting card numbers, PINs, transaction histories, and any personal information associated with the cardholder. The QR code assigned to the gift card automatically changes after time and usage to ensure extra security.

Incentivio's advanced security measures for restaurant gift cards.
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