Restaurant Gift Cards & Comp Cards

Comp cards
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Gift Cards

Not all gift cards are created equal. Incentivio Gift Cards are a seamless part of your digital guest experience, and card purchases or loads can be used to trigger messages, surveys, free items, offers or even loyalty bonuses.


Digital Cards

Electronic gift cards can be purchased from an account, or as a guest. Physical cards can be converted to an electronic card simply by loading it into a wallet.


Works in a Multi Unit environment

Gift cards are designed for multi-unit operators – with fund pooling, automated payouts and more. We take the work out of managing your gift card program.


Built for seamless operations

Feature like automatic reversal when the recipient email bounces ensure your operational staff isn’t dealing with day to day gift card operations.


Flexible wallet

Incentivio provides a built in wallet at two levels – a primary card that is available on the home screen and can be used to pay in store, and a secondary wallet that can store multiple cards for digital checkout.

Comp cards

Incentivio’s flexible gift cards can be used as comp cards as well. Value can be added by administrators or comped in store, and Incentivio tracks the responsible store so that pooling works as intended. Comp cards can be issued to partners, employees and executives, and even guests during service recovery scenarios.

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