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Gift Cards & Comp Cards

Incentivio gift cards are fully integrated with the entire all-in-one digital guest experience platform. Guests can use gift cards across mobile, web, and in-store, and create digital wallets.

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Gift Fan

Fully Integrated Digital Guest Experience

Not all gift cards are created equal. Incentivio Gift Cards are a seamless part of your digital guest experience. Card purchases and loads can be used to trigger restaurant marketing campaigns, surveys, free items, or loyalty bonuses.

Work with guest mobile apps

Use to pay for online orders

Trigger offers, surveys, and loyalty bonuses

Automatic refunds when a gift card receipt email bounces

Create a Digital Wallet Experience

Save a primary card on the mobile app that can be used to pay in-store

Easily add value and reload digital gift cards

Convert physical gift cards into digital cards simply by loading them into the digital app wallet

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Built for Multi-Unit Operators & Franchises

  Fund Pooling

  Money movement management

  Automated ACH