Reinvent your digital guest journey with connections that matter.

Since 2017 we have helped hundreds of restaurant brands with over 3,500 restaurant locations across the U.S. and Canada increase retention, maximize revenue, and enhance the guest experience for both first-time visitors and loyalists.

We achieve this by helping restaurants engage with guests through our platform, powered by AI and machine learning that's built in-house and uses the latest APIs with our partners. It allows restaurants to build relationships with their guests–– all while seamlessly integrating with top POS providers, payment processors, and delivery services. After all, that’s what customers truly crave–memorable experiences on- and off- premise from the restaurants they visit!

Talk with us today to learn why your restaurant peers chose Incentivio to help them increase retention, maximize revenue, and enhance the guest experience.

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Meet the people behind
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Your company is only as good as the team that supports it— luckily we have one of the best.
Rajat Bhakhri
Co-Founder & CEO
With an analytical mind and the best laugh in the biz, Rajat brings a lot to the table. Not even bringing into account his ability to hire extremely funny and talented marketing hires, Rajat has a clear vision for the future and the capability of executing it.
Sash Dias
Co-Founder & COO
After turning down offers to become an F1 driver, Sash “Buenos” Dias instead decided that helping create a restaurant tech company would provide the same adrenaline rush.
Mathew Todtenkopf
Director of Product Management
Our very own Toddy bear! Mat is an outdoor enthusiast with a penchant for helping people around him. Whether training his dog or designing software to help customers engage with their favorite restaurants, Mat gives it his all.
Lilupa Munindradasa
VP of Engineering
Lilupa is the man behind the curtain, making sure we all stay employed. Without him and his engineers, our company would be nothing but people with big dreams and extreme talent.
Richard Long
Director of Post Sales
If you cross Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy with Tom Brady, you’d only start to understand Rich– a family man and true powerhouse.
Amar Shrivastava
VP of Finance
If you could combine Mr. Krab's love of money, Spongebob’s passion for work, and a healthy helping of coffee, you’d start to understand Amar. Bringing 11 years of CFO/VP of Finance experience, Amar is one of our guiding lights.
Arun Kumar
Director of Partnerships
After deciding that 7shifts was simply too many shifts, Arun brought his relationship-building expertise to Incentivio. When he’s not helping us evolve our partner integrations, you can find him leading the Incentivio podcast and lending his sweet voice to our ears.
Matthew Chiasson
Director of Customer Success
Matt’s the perfect person if you’re ever just looking for someone in your life who knows how to dance, played rugby in college, has a passion for teaching, and is a hotshot Customer Success Director. Just typical traits you’d find in the same person.
Derrick Meyer
Director of Sales Engineering
Chicago cheese enthusiast, Derrick, often gets told he looks like Joaquin Phoenix, but really he just looks like a hero to the Incentivio team–he is the one we turn to when we ask “Can we do this?”
Lexi Sprague
Sr. Product Manager
As an evil tech genius without any of the evil, Lexi is a tech wiz with a flair for organization. When she’s not conducting her orchestra of engineers and designers, you can find her writing (and re-writing) her sci-fi novel!
Peter Donnelly
Product Manager
If you took the personality of a line cook, and the body of a line cook, you’d have Pete. Luckily, he also manages to have one of the best brains for product around, so we make it work.
Brandon Eban
Product Manager
There’s a reason Brandon and Bass both start with B. He of the deep voice is one of our best product managers around when he’s not kickin’ our collective ____ at Rocket League.
Brian Mallen
Lead UI/UX Designer
If you combine an engineer's analytical left brain and a graphic designer's creative right brain, you’d get the whole brain of Brian Mallen.
Kamryn Elliott
Marketing Manager
Kam spends her time crafting the perfect playlists all while soaking up the sun at the many FL beaches until she realizes she has to show up to work to keep her job.
Trace Mannewitz
Marketing Specialist
Born to create shareholder value, forced to write funny little company bios.
Liz Gardner
Director of Rev Ops
If Incentivio was a car, Liz would be the engine that keeps us moving. A Rev Ops queen and instrumental in keeping this show running.
Stacey Sikorski
Director of Mid-Market Sales
When faced with the decision between becoming a Mid-Market Sales director and owning a margarita stand on the beach in Mexico, Stacey decided to choose the one that would bring her long-lasting joy. Then, after she was done in Mexico, she decided to come work for us.
Kelsey Howe
Kelsey is building this Howe-se, brick by brick. As a mid-market/enterprise account executive, she puts the “win” in “wine and dine.”
Jackson Lambirth
Ironically not the son of Jack, Jackson is bringing our mid-market team to new heights with his expertise and drive to see things through to the end.
Mallory Moore
With the initials MM, Mallory knew what she was destined to do. An esteemed Mid-Market rep, Mallory knows exactly what to do to make restaurant’s lives easier.
Katherine Tang
Sr. AE
Katherine “Wu-Tang” Tang brings solutions to problems restaurants didn’t even know they had. A proud mama, Kat makes time to be a superstar mom and sales rep.
Paul Bland
Account Executive
As in boring, dull flavorless. Overcoming his given name is a mission for Paul who owned a pizzeria in Denton, TX for several years before working in restaurant software sales.
Jonathan Sheridan
Account Executive
Lead user research for Slack. Contractor for Netflix and Udacity.
Aaron Davis
Account Executive
Aaron is always here to teach you more about Solana and Ethereum, and he can also help you reform your restaurant's digital landscape, by blending his Uber Eats and Salesforce experience at Incentivio! But please, do not call him A-aron.
Brian Feller
Since they wouldn’t let him play for the Pats or the Red Sox, Brian took his third option and came to work at Incentivio. Since then he’s been instrumental in helping us move upmarket.
Joel Brazzel
A former extra on the background of Frazier (if his zoom background is to be believed), Joel is a Texas native who handles the many jobs of an SDR with ease.
Jaydan Newman
Despite moving from one desert to another, Jaydan is an oasis of talent. While he make look like a mirage to those looking for a good SDR, Jaydan is the real deal.
Lisa Godbout
Implementation Manager
One cat, two cats, old cat, new cat. When she’s not at her normal job of having the most adorable cats in the world, she moonlights as the backbone of our implementation team.
Chad Shellberg
Implementation Manager
The role of an Implementation Manager is not an easy one. You must have the patience of a kindergarten teacher and the knowledge of a tech guru. Thankfully, Chad makes it look easy.
Malin Judah
Implementation Manager
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Lindsey Greenwood
Implementation Manager
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Alexine Langdon
Implementation Manager
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Adilson Graca
Implementation Manager
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Tyler Ash
Implementation Manager
One of his memorable experiences includes helping KC Chiefs player Travis Kelce with his router during his time at Google Fiber. Residing in Kansas City, Tyler is a dedicated family man, a proud father of two boys, and an avid cactus collector.
Tess Starr
Technical Support Manager
Much like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, this Starr deserves to go in the history books. They said it was impossible to find someone who was an avid reader, had great glasses style, AND could rock a Technical Support Manager position, yet here we are.
Mac Payne
TS Specialist
When they’re not sending us photos of their famous-to-incentivio cat, Hank, you can find them Mac-Attacking our ticket queue.
Dennis Murray
TS Specialist
Our resident DM in more ways than one, Dennis brings creative problem-solving to the Technical Support team (when he’s not helping them slay dragons).
Glori Correa
TS Specialist
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Emily McIntyre
TS Specialist
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Nick Yoder
TS Specialist
Filled to the brim with coffee, odd stories, and only the most useless trivia imaginable, his head may yet one day be understood. At the very least, it always holds a smile and a few chuckle-worthy lines.
Saiyeda Arif
TS Specialist
Popular strategy at Incentivio has been to send Saiyeda wherever it’s raining in the country— her ray of sunshine personality easily beats back the bad weather and makes everyone’s day better.
Nolan Long
TS Specialist
Popular strategy at Incentivio has been to send Saiyeda wherever it’s raining in the country— her ray of sunshine personality easily beats back the bad weather and makes everyone’s day better.
Jennifer Miranda
Store Support
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Lucy Eiseman
Billing Specialist
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Mellisa Sullivan
L&D Manager
You’ve got questions, she’s got answers. Local Boston superstar, Mellisa, knows how to have a good time while keeping a tight hold on running the Learning & Development ship.
Kelsey Rogers
Salesforce Developer and Admin
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Jen Ly
CS Manager
Jen is a foodie through and through. If she weren't helping restaurants at Incentivio, she’d return to her entrepreneurial roots and build her baking passion project!
Kevin Kemp
CS Manager
Need a show recommendation? Ask Kevin. Want to know the hottest spots in SoCal? Ask Kevin. Need a little bit of Incentivio Insight? Wouldn’t you know it, ask Kevin.
Christina Galvin
CS Manager
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Kiley Fraley
CS Manager
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Emma Cochrane-Nelson
CS Manager
Emma “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my Coffee” Cochrane-Nelson is climbing to the top of our CSM list just like she climbed half-dome. If you want something done, Emma’s the one for the job.
Bob McCracken
Sr. Software Engineer
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Pedro Munoz
Software Engineer
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Victor Chevalier
Software Engineer
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Daniel Ramirez
Software Engineer
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Benjamin Phung
Software Engineer
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Dani Castro
Software Engineer
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Christan Jimenez
Software Engineer
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