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Take Back Control
of the Guest Journey

Do you know how your guest segments contribute to your overall revenue? Are you targeting the right guests at the right time?


Guests that order without identifying themselves. This represents an opportunity to convert them to 'known' guests.


Rookies have created an account, but haven’t yet established an ordering pattern. Convert them to Regulars!


Have completed at least 3 orders and has a lower average order frequency. Can you turn them into loyalists?


Have completed at least 3 orders and has a higher average order frequency. You should do everything you can to make this group feel special!


A regular or higher with 3X the average check!


Our algorithm has determined that this group is likely to churn unless action is taken.


Have created an account, but haven’t returned in 90+ days. You should try to win them back, but your success rate will be lower than Sliders.

Understand Where Your Revenue Comes From

Growing Customer Lifetime Value

Strangers or first-time visitors make up the vast majority of any restaurant’s customer base— however, the customer acquisition cost for strangers is extremely high. You’re competing with every other restaurant and only have your reputation to put you above the rest. On top of all that, the bulk of your customers will likely only visit your restaurant once. 

The Return Guest Difference

Industry research and our data show as much as 75% of guests drop off from strangers to rookies.
Our data also shows that converting a regular to a loyalist results in 3-4x increase in annual spending— all while being significantly cheaper to reach with marketing efforts. 
Loyalists are the largest part of a restaurant’s recurring revenue, accounting for 10-20%.

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Automated Churn Management

Limit Churn With Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence engine analyzes over 600 data points per customer to predict which guests are likely to churn— allowing you to target these at-risk guests with special offers specially curated for retention. With the ability to target guests likely to churn with a 97% accuracy, you can be 4-10x more likely to retain them. 

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Hand holding phone
<strong>John Pepper | CEO</strong><br>Boloco

"The Incentivio guest journey capabilities represent a significant stride in the 1:1 guest experience. For the first time, we are able to automatically segment customers into smaller and more distinct groups and communicate accordingly. Incentivio is making our efforts to reach guests with relevant offerings far more enticing depending on where they are in their Boloco journey."

John Pepper | CEO
<strong>Justin Egan | CMO & Co-founder</strong><br>Wing It On!

​​“As an emerging brand that was actually thriving during the pandemic due to our digital presence, it was difficult to find technology partners that were also thriving and innovating. We felt well-positioned to have Incentivio as a partner during this time. They never dropped the ball, and that really stresses the importance of choosing the right vendor partners to grow with you through the thickest of times."

Justin Egan | CMO & Co-founder
Wing It On!

Take back control of your guest journey

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