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Welcome to the New Guest Experience!

  • Branded Mobile Apps & Online Ordering: Our apps, websites, and kiosks are fully white labeled so your brand stays front and center.

  • Loyalty: Loyalty points, digital punch cards, and everything in between.

  • CDP & Analytics: The core of our platform! Define your own segments (behavioral, demographic, and geographic attributes), or let our AI do it for you.

  • Upsells Powered by AI: Our engine applies machine learning to autonomously suggest upsells and cross-sells as guests checkout.

  • Churn Management: Predict and prevent churn based on changed dining behaviors with our artificial intelligence engine to win guests back before they lose interest!

  • Gift Cards: Omnichannel gift cards with a corporate pool, automated money movement, and easy import to an existing gift card program!

  • Marketing: Everything you need from targeted offers, email marketing, push notifications, SMS messaging, and location-based marketing, to create lasting engagement with your guests.


What Our Clients Are Saying


“Nearly 30% of our sales are driven through the digital ordering tools Incentivio provides. While we still use some third-party delivery sites, Incentivio drives 80% of our digital orders while also saving us the 30% commission fees the third-party sites charge.”

Joel Mendlowitz

Hava Java / Owner
John DeVoie

"Within eight months of launching Incentivio, we increased our loyalty membership by 80% and doubled our digital (mobile and web) transaction volume. Within a year, we have seen an almost 300% return on our investment in Incentivio."

John DeVoie

Hot Table / President

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