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Upsell With Machine Learning For Restaurants

Our recommendations engine utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to autonomously suggest upsells to your customer.

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Automated Upsells

Leverage machine learning for restaurants to autonomously suggest upsells and cross-sells.

Customize the Engine

Create custom rules alongside the autonomous upsell engine for restaurant promotions on items.

Incremental Revenue With No Manual Intervention

Learns From Same-Store Sales

The heart of our upsell feature lies in machine learning for restaurants. By analyzing same-store sales data, we identify patterns in guest preferences, leading to highly accurate recommendations for each location. Regional-based preferences are considered, ensuring that the suggested upsells align perfectly with your customers' tastes!

Adapting to Seasonal Preferences

Our algorithms are designed to adapt dynamically to changing seasons and customer behaviors. Every two weeks, the upsell engine adjusts its recommendations based on seasonal patterns. Whether guests crave cold drinks in the summer or warm beverages in the winter, our system will always present the most relevant and enticing upsell options.

Intelligent Upsell That Avoids Replacement Recommendations

To provide a seamless upselling experience, our recommendations engine takes into account the items already in a guest's cart. By intelligently avoiding replacement recommendations, we ensure that upsell suggestions complement and enhance their selections, increasing the chances of converting additional sales.

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Highlight Specials or High-Margin Items

Restaurant Promotions and Specials Made Easy

With our platform, promoting new menu items and specials becomes effortless. You can create custom rules, alongside the autonomous upsell product to consistently recommend specific items when they are not already in a guest's cart. You can also highlight your most enticing offerings and see your revenue grow!

Enhance Each Order With Upsell Menu Items

Maximize revenue opportunities by manually setting rules for add-ons and enhancements. You can always suggest tempting extras when certain items are added to a guest's cart. For example, encourage an espresso shot with selected beverages, recommend a side of dressing for salads, or offer extra meat in a burrito.

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<strong>Omer and Jen Horev | Founders</strong><br>Pura Vida Miami

"The upsell feature delivers us $7,500 in new revenue every month, which is more than the entire platform costs. In addition, the ability to add features like saving customer credit cards, loyalty points, and delivery address were vital to our digital success, truly optimizing the customer experience."

Omer and Jen Horev | Founders
Pura Vida Miami
<strong>Justin Egan | Co-founder & CMO</strong><br>Wing It On!

"Simply by turning on the upsell feature we saw an 8.7% take-rate by guests and instantly increased our digital revenue by nearly 4%. Now we're at 13.18% of increased digital revenue."

Justin Egan | Co-founder & CMO
Wing It On!

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