Custom White-Label Mobile Apps For Your Restaurant

Experience the power of our customizable restaurant app— Designed for efficient mobile ordering and outstanding responsiveness. Our app focuses on your branding and creating a customer experience that is decisively yours.

All The Power of Your Restaurant In the Palm Of Your Hand

Incentivio's restaurant mobile app for restaurant brands.

Fit To Match

No more generic mobile apps for you. Our custom white-label app uses your colors, your fonts, your logos, and your foods.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

The average American spends 4.5 hours/day on their phone (and Canada is right behind them). Meet your customers where they are and give them the mobile experience they desire. With nearly 35% of online ordering coming from mobile apps, you need to be there.

Keep Your Guests Coming Back Again, and Again, and Again

Our tailor-made app directly integrates with your restaurant loyalty program. Whether you're a punch or point joint, you can send your customers limited-time offers, sign-up offers, and more to encourage repeat business.

Keep your guests coming back with a savory Mobile App(etizer)

Get up close and personal with your guests by sending tailored marketing messages, sizzling specials, and personalized offers straight to their fingertips. Integrate loyalty like a pro with our suite of features.

A Little Bit of Dessert with Your App

Whether punching cards or scoring points, you want your loyalty to be intuitive and easy to use. Having your very own mobile app allows users to see how close they are to their next reward anytime, anywhere.

Connect witby sending unique push notifications to their app, allowing them to redeem special offers and drive business to your restaurant. In addition to driving more customer visits, your app allows you to start building your own customer database, giving you more insights and learnings from your customers—crucial for providing them with a tailored experience.

Restaurant marketing suite by Incentivio with customizable loyalty and tailored restaurant app.

Avoid the Hidden Costs

Don’t get nickel and dimed by high-cost delivery fees. Your Mobile App will come with delivery integration that provides access to on-demand delivery at a flat rate with no hidden costs. More cost control for you, and lower delivery costs for your customers.

Avoid hidden costs with Incentivio and control the delivery experience.

Master The Upsell

Good Sales will tell you to always look for opportunitites to find an upsell. What if your mobile app did it for you. Thanks to machine learning, our app will make calculated suggestions to your customers to increase the average ticket value of your online orders.

Upsell with a restaurant mobile app and restaurant online ordering system using Incentivio's machine learning upsell recommendations engine.