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You have the power to stop lost revenue

70% of customers won't return. Change the game with Churn Management powered by artificial intelligence.


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Powered by artificial intelligence

Our artificial intelligence engine analyzes over 600 types of data to predict which guests are likely to churn.

Set & forget campaigns

We allow you to create campaigns that work with artificial intelligence to automatically target the right guests at the right time.

4x more effective

The industry tries to win guests back after they leave. Our AI identifies at-risk guests to help increase retention by 4x!

Predict and prevent churn before it happens

Identify and rein in outliers

Identify which locations are underperforming with guest retention or seeing higher levels of churn.

Get a pulse of trends that matter

Visualize locations with increasing churn to make adjustments to operations and digital strategy.

Target at-risk guests

Our Churn Management feature allows you to identify at-risk guests with 97% accuracy so you can send automated offers and be 4x more likely to retain them.

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Analyze location performance

Optimize operations by location

Know how each location is performing between guest segments and make adjustments to optimize restaurant performance and retain more guests.

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Increase guest retention and revenue

Retain guests before they leave

Our artificial intelligence algorithm identifies at-risk guests and sends out automated targeted offers to ensure they come back before they stop interacting with your brand with a 4x efficiency rate!

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<strong>John Pepper | CEO</strong><br>Boloco

"The biggest 'aha' Incentivio has spelled out for us in recent months is not only how many of our customers have already churned but how many are in danger of churning and that we can still do something about it. We've recovered 768 at-risk guests so far. Incentivio allows us to stay focused on how to engage most effectively with this group."

John Pepper | CEO
<strong>Justin Egan | CMO & Co-founder</strong><br>Wing It On!

“As an emerging brand that was actually thriving during the pandemic due to our digital presence, it was difficult to find technology partners that were also thriving and innovating. We felt well-positioned to have Incentivio as a partner during this time. Wing It On!’s future is bright, and we’re on trajectory to have 100 stores in the pipeline by 2024. We know Incentivio is able to quickly scale with us, and we’re excited to continue our relationship.”

Justin Egan | CMO & Co-founder
Wing It On!

Take back control of your guest journey

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