Advanced menu intelligence using AI

Restaurant menu intelligence using ai in restaurants provided by Incentivio.

Follow the Stats

There are two stats every restaurant brand should know:
— Repeat customers make up around 25% of your average revenue.
— It’s about 5-10 times less expensive to bring back your previous customers than to attract new ones.

Keep Your Guests Coming Back

This is where Menu Intelligence comes into play— the additional data will help convert more strangers into regulars, decrease the amount of churn, and keep your loyal customers coming back for seconds.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Menu Intelligence ties directly with Guest Journey to give you the best tools for boosting your bottom line. At the end of the day, that’s what all the data and tools are all about— helping you grow your business.
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How menu intelligence can help my restaurant brand

Serve up exactly what your guests crave, ensuring every dish is a hit and nothing falls flat.

How Menu Intelligence Works

Our team used menu analysis to create an AI model that scores each menu item based on how they impact long-term customer behavior. Restaurant owners and operators can then use these scores to have an accurate picture of which dishes are doing the most (and the least) to drive recurring business.

Incentivio's menu intelligence for restaurants using ai and machine learning.

Why Menu Intelligence?

As a restaurant owner, manager, or franchisee, it’s generally pretty straightforward to determine your top-selling or most profitable items. However, these numbers don’t tell the whole story. For example, fries may be one of your most-sold items because they are included in most combos at your restaurant, but this doesn’t mean your fries are delicious or encouraging your customers to return.

In fact, with current data, it’s nigh impossible to know whether or not your fries are actively working for or against the chances of that customer returning in the future. This is where advanced Menu Intelligence comes in.

Menu Intelligence using ai for restaurants, powered by Incentivio.

Intelligent Upsell That Avoids Replacement Recommendations

Based on the analysis, if 10% of your loyal customers have ordered fries, but 60% of customers who ended up churning have ordered fries, our algorithm would give the fries a relatively low score. If the opposite were true, and most loyal customers habitually ordered fries while only a small number of churned customers ever tried them, fries would have a high score.

Because Incentivio has data not only on the volume at which menu items are ordered but also rich data on who those customers are, we can provide much more meaningful menu analysis. This can help restaurateurs decide which items they need to market or highlight to lead to more customers becoming loyal guests.

Upsell with a restaurant mobile app and restaurant online ordering system using Incentivio's machine learning upsell recommendations engine.
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