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Upgrade Your Menu With Artificial Intelligence

Gain access to guest data that will impact and improve your business. 

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Integrating AI with Your Menu and Marketing

Use AI to improve guest relations and your marketing channels with easy to understand and impactful data. 

How Menu Intelligence Can Help My Business

Menu Intelligence can lead to a more efficient customer pipeline, and more recurring revenue for your restaurant.

Integrating AI With Your Menu

Why Menu Intelligence? 

As a restaurant owner, manager, or franchisee, it’s generally pretty straightforward to determine your top-selling or most profitable items. However, these numbers don’t tell the whole story. 

For example, fries may be one of your most-sold items due to them being included in most combos at your restaurant. However, this doesn’t mean your fries are particularly good or encouraging your customers to return. In fact, with current data, it’s nigh impossible to know whether or not your fries are actively working for or against the chances of that customer returning in the future. This is where advanced Menu Intelligence comes in. 

How Menu Intelligence Works 

Menu Intelligence moves AI beyond a buzzword and allows it to become an integral and impactful part of restaurants of all shapes and sizes. For nearly a year, the product team at Incentivio has been analyzing data points on every dish and item to see how each contributed to long-term customer loyalty and churn. 

The team used this analysis to create an AI model that scores each menu item based on how they impact long-term customer behavior. Restaurant owners and managers can then use these scores to have an accurate picture of which dishes are doing the most (and the least) to drive recurring business. 

Assigning Each Menu Item A Score

For example, if 10% of your loyal customers have ordered the fries, but 60% of customers who ended up churning have ordered the fries— our algorithm would give the fries a relatively low score. If the opposite were true and most loyal customers habitually ordered the fries while only a small amount of churned customers ever tried them— the fries would have a high score. 

Because Incentivio has data not only on the volume at which menu items are ordered but also rich data on who those customers are, we can provide much more meaningful menu analysis. This can help restaurateurs decide which items they need to market or highlight to lead to more customers becoming loyal patrons. 

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How Menu Intelligence Can Help My Business

Boost Your Bottom Line

There are two stats every restaurant manager should know: 

— Repeat customers make up around 20% of your average revenue

— It’s about 5-10 times less expensive to bring back your previous customers than to attract new ones. 

Incentivio is focused on bringing you tools to leverage those numbers even more in your favor. This is where Menu Intelligence comes into play— the additional data will help convert more strangers into regulars, decrease the amount of churn, and keep your loyal customers coming back for seconds. 

In short, Menu Intelligence (and Incentivio as a whole) makes it much easier to keep those loyal customers engaged and prevent them from churning. In addition, by making it much more appealing, restaurants can start to see increased use from strangers and start improving the amount of your average revenue that’s contributed by repeat business. 

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<strong>John DeVoie | President</strong><br>Hot Table

"Within eight months of launching Incentivio, we increased our loyalty membership by 80% and doubled our digital (mobile and web) transaction volume. Within a year, we have seen an almost 300% return on our investment in Incentivio."

John DeVoie | President
Hot Table
<strong>Peter <span>Baghdassarian | Co-owner</span></strong><br>Massis Kabob

"We've had around 5,100 sign-ups, without any promotion, in just three months of opening our newest location driven by our mobile app which makes up 60 percent of our digital ordering.”

Peter Baghdassarian | Co-owner
Massis Kabob
<strong>Andrew Patti | Marketing and Brand Manager</strong><br>Barrio Queen

"We chose Incentivio for our restaurant because it provides us with a powerful app solution to keep our guests informed about our exciting events, features, and specials. Through this platform, we not only connect with them and make them a part of our family but also have the opportunity to give back through their loyalty, making us more than just a restaurant but a lifestyle brand deeply connected to the community."

Andrew Patti | Marketing and Brand Manager
Barrio Queen

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