Turn first-time guests into regulars with our Restaurant Loyalty Platform

Transform first-time visitors into loyal customers with our flexible and customizable restaurant loyalty software. Designed to reward guests for every interaction with your brand!

Loyalty built to reward and engage guests

Earthbar restaurant loyalty using Incentivio restaurant engagement software.

Customize points based on spend, referrals, or sign-up

You can design a points system, punch-based, or tiers-based loyalty program based on the amount spent per visit, the frequency of visits, the number of referrals made, or even reward customers simply for joining the loyalty program. Have items you want to exclude from earning loyalty, like merch or alcohol? Excluding items and groups is easy and fully customizable.

Spice up your offers

With our restaurant loyalty software, you're equipped to handle everyday customer interactions and primed for special events and seasonal promotions. Want to increase the visibility of a new item on your menu? A limited-time reward could be the nudge your customers need to try it. Looking to spark enthusiasm for your seasonal offerings? A points-based incentive could get more customers interested. With our loyalty software, the sky's the limit!

Birthday wishes

Target your customers and help celebrate their birthday! Our customizable birthday offers can be sent to customers to redeem once a year.
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Turn first-timers into forever fans with omnichannel loyalty

Meet your customers where they are! We offer loyalty for every channel so that you're always where you need to be.

Loyalty in the Palm of Your Guest's Hands

Customers can see their points accumulate in real time, providing instant gratification and motivation to return. The app offers detailed analytics and insights into customer behavior for your restaurant, allowing you to tailor your offerings and promotions to guest preferences and enhance their experience.

Customizable loyalty programs with Incentivio, a restaurant engagement platform.

Online Web Orders

Modern customers value convenience as much as they value quality. Recognizing this, our restaurant loyalty software ensures that your loyalty program extends to your online ordering. Guests can log into their accounts, place orders directly through your website, and earn points—all from the comfort of their homes.

Integrating online web orders with the restaurant loyalty program enhances the customer's experience, making it easier to continue their relationship with your brand, even when they can't or don't dine in.

Restaurant loyalty platform with customizable loyalty using Incentivio.

In-Store With Integrated POS Partners

Our restaurant loyalty software integrates smoothly with various POS partners to provide a seamless experience to your guests while they're in-store.

In-store redemption and earning loyalty points with restaurant loyalty programs on Incentivio.
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