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Restaurant CDP— Analytics to Understand Your Guests

You own the guest relationship as well as the data. Our CDP analyzes your guests' accounts on a daily basis and allows you to set up restaurant marketing campaigns that are automatically triggered based on events, thresholds, or actions.


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Custom Tags

CDP tags can be used to create custom segments– for example, VIP bonuses or employee rewards.

Segmentation & Personas

We update our guest accounts on a daily basis and automatically update guest segments so you consistently understand your guests.

Customizable Signup Pages and Tags

CDP Tags Can Create Custom Segments

Tags can be created via a signup page or even created manually to tag either VIP customers or employees. These tags can then be used as segments to tailor restaurant marketing campaigns!

Collect Any Information With Signup Pages

Our signup pages (on the restaurant app or web) can be customized to include any information you want to collect – and this data can automatically add tags to CDP records within our platform!

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Analytics, Segmentation, and Personas

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Measure your restaurant’s productivity and efficiency and find ways to improve your operations. Measure success across various touch points!

Marketing Audience Segmentation

Our powerful rules engine allows you to create customizable segments to power your targeted marketing campaigns. 

Know Your Guests

Define rule-based segments that are automatically updated daily to maintain the guest relationship.

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<strong>Trevor Sainsbury | VP of Business Intelligence</strong><br>St. Louis Bar & Grill

"Total sales are up more than 5% even compared to our pre-COVID revenue due primarily to takeout and delivery sales being through the roof with Incentivio. We also expect them to stay elevated even now that we are fully re-opened in-store."

Trevor Sainsbury | VP of Business Intelligence
St. Louis Bar & Grill

Take back control of your guest journey

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