Restaurant CDP & Analytics to understand your guests

You own the guest relationship as well as the data. Our CDP analyzes your guests' accounts on a daily basis and allows you to set up restaurant marketing campaigns that are automatically triggered based on events, thresholds, or actions.

Analytics, segmentation, and personas

Restaurant CDP and analytics for restaurant marketing powered by Incentivio.

Make data-driven decisions

Our powerful rules engine opens up a world of possibilities for your restaurant's growth. It allows you to create customizable segments to fuel your targeted marketing campaigns, providing more ways to measure your restaurant's productivity and efficiency. This abundance of data presents numerous opportunities to find ways to enhance your operations, sparking a sense of optimism and motivation.

Know your guests

It's a crowded landscape in the restaurant industry. Standing out requires knowing your guests and offering them the services that they desire through the channels that they use. With our customer data, you gain unprecedented guest information and the tools to turn that info into results for your restaurant.

Smooth and easy sign-ups

Our sign-up pages (on the restaurant app or web) can be customized to include any information you want to collect – and this data can automatically add tags to CDP records within our platform!
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Own the flavor, own the data–let our CDP spice up your marketing and loyalty

Unlock guest-driven recommendations and boost satisfaction with real-time insights into favorite dish pairings and advanced analytics to create dynamic segments, improve operations, and maintain strong guest relationships.

Unlock the Power of Personalization

Enhance your restaurant's marketing strategy by creating custom segments with ease. Our signup pages, accessible via app or web, allow you to collect any information you need, automatically tagging CDP records. Manually tag VIP customers or employees to tailor your campaigns even further!

Personalized guest engagement with restaurant loyalty platform Incentivio

Drive Volume Through Guest-Driven Recommendations

Our platform analyzes what dishes your customers love and frequently purchase together. Let your guests become advocates for your menu, guiding each other to their next favorite meal! With real-time insights, you can ensure every recommendation is a hit, driving satisfaction and repeat visits.

Guest recommendations for restaurant CDP and marketing through Incentivio.

Data-Driven Decisions Made Easy

Measure and improve your restaurant's productivity and efficiency with our advanced analytics and segmentation tools.

Create dynamic, rule-based segments that update daily, ensuring you maintain strong relationships with your guests. Discover how our powerful rules engine can elevate your targeted marketing efforts.

Restaurant customer segmentation with Incentivio restaurant guest engagement software.
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