Ask These 8 Questions on Your Next Restaurant Survey

Want to receive feedback from your restaurant guests, but don’t know how? Here are 8 questions to include in your next survey.
Amanda Hamel

If you're considering opening a new restaurant, it's important to know what your customers like and don't like about your restaurant. A good way to get this information is by conducting a customer survey. In this blog, we'll go over eight questions that will help you develop a comprehensive survey for your own business—and might even help convince more people to give your place a try!

How many times have you dined at our restaurant in the past year?

This question is simple, but it can be extremely valuable. This question helps you understand how many customers are coming back to dine with you and what kind of business you are getting from them.

You want to know if your customers are returning because they like the food or because they want new things on their plates (such as an appetizer or dessert). If they're returning often, then chances are high that they're happy with their experience at your restaurant—and this satisfaction might even lead them to recommend it more often!

Which meal is your favorite?

The first question you should ask is "Which meal is your favorite?"

This question sounds simple, but it can be tricky to ask in a way that will elicit a positive response. If you ask it too early or with too much enthusiasm, people might think that their answer doesn't matter and choose not to answer at all. So instead of launching into a lengthy discussion about how delicious the meal was and why eating it was such an amazing experience, keep it brief and try not to sound like an infomercial host when doing so!

Is there anything you would improve about our restaurant?

If you're a restaurant owner, it's important to know what customers are looking for in your business. This is often called "customer satisfaction." It's also called "customer service" or "customer experience," but whatever you call it, making sure your customers are happy is an important part of running any business.

So how do you do this? One way would be to ask them: “What can we improve about our restaurant?” You'll want to ask them specifically so that they feel comfortable answering questions and being honest with you. If they feel like they need more information before answering (like if there were any items on the menu that weren't available), then tell them what those items were so they can give their opinion without having too much pressure on themselves! If possible, try asking questions along these lines: "What's your favorite thing about this restaurant?" or "What did we do right last time?"

What factors influenced your decision to come here tonight?

When you're asking customers what factors influenced their decision to come into your restaurant, it's important to remember that they may be coming from a different experience than you are. Maybe they've had some bad experiences at other places and want to try somewhere new. Or maybe they love your food and want more of it! What matters most is making sure you're getting the information that will help improve your business so that guests can feel comfortable visiting again in the future.

So how do we know which answers will help us improve our business? By asking questions about location, price point, menu selection (and quality), service (including ambiance), and reputation—all things that help determine if someone would return before deciding whether or not it was worth their money spend on dinner out with friends/family members who live nearby.

What would make you choose another restaurant on your next visit?

When asking this question consider the following factors:

  • Location: Where you are located is a key factor in making decisions about where to eat. If you’re looking for a place that has good food and service but is hard to get to or not in the heart of town, then that could be an issue.
  • Price: Do you feel like the price is fair? If so, then it will probably be worth your time to invest in this restaurant again if given another chance!
  • Menu: Can your restaurant offer something different than what other places have on their menus? Maybe there are some dishes on your menu that others don’t carry. This would help draw customers back regularly because they won't see these dishes anywhere else except here at this particular restaurant (and maybe even other locations too).
  • Cleanliness: Is the restaurant clean? If so, then that’s a good sign that the restaurant staff takes pride in what they do and is likely to offer quality food.

How did you find out about our restaurant?

This question is important because it helps us know if our target market is online or not. If people are more likely to be using social media to find out about a restaurant, then it may be worth trying some different strategies there. On the other hand, if most people are still relying on word of mouth and traditional advertising methods (like newspaper ads), then this could mean that we need to change course slightly and focus on generating more interest in our brand via social media instead.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how pleased were you with your overall experience this evening?

When it comes to customer service, restaurants can make a big difference. This question will help you determine how your customers feel about their experience and how they perceive the restaurant in general.

For example, did the waiter or waitress seem annoyed? Did they seem rushed? Did they offer any helpful suggestions or recommendations on what to order next? Did the food arrive quickly after being ordered or did it take too long before arriving at your table?

By releasing this survey and following up with individual responses from each guest who took part in it, you'll have a better idea of what needs improvement at each location and which areas need extra attention!

Would you recommend us to your family and friends?

You'll need to get a sense of whether or not your customers are satisfied with the quality of their experience. Ask them: if they would recommend this restaurant, why do they think so? What can we do better in the future?

But don't just ask them straight out! You can use this question as an opportunity for self-reflection too. Think about what makes your restaurants unique and special—and then try to match those qualities with some positive feedback from other customers who have been through it firsthand.

You can get lots of valuable input from a survey.

A survey is a great way to get feedback from your customers and employees. It's also a good way to improve your business. Customers will be more likely to spend money at a restaurant when they feel that the food tastes good, or if the waitstaff is friendly and helpful. If you want your customers to return, make sure that those things are consistent throughout all of them!

Restaurant surveys are a great way to get information and feedback from your customers. They can be used to gauge how satisfied they are with the service, quality of food, and value for money at your restaurant or any other business. You can also use them as part of marketing efforts by asking questions about what might make someone choose another establishment in their area over yours. We hope these 8 questions have helped spark inspiration for your next restaurant survey!