Digital Restaurant Marketing Tools to Build Customer Loyalty

Leveraging these digital restaurant marketing tools to help you build customer loyalty and drive incremental revenue.
Kamryn Elliott

You can attract new customers by providing top-notch customer service, a polished dining area, an updated menu, and following health and safety protocols. But what sets you apart from other restaurants that do the same? Your digital marketing tools!

Using a first-party online ordering system that provides branded website ordering and a mobile app, delivery, loyalty programs, gift cards, autonomous upsells, data-driven marketing to create offers, and a customer relationship management (CRM) database helps you retain guests and increase revenue.

Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program incentivizes your guests to make repeat visits to your restaurant by providing rewards such as discounts, points, and special offers. Sixty-nine percent of guests stated that loyalty programs incentivize them to revisit more frequently. With CRM, you can use the data to create customized offers and build meaningful relationships with guests. To ensure guests know about your loyalty program, train your staff to encourage customers to sign-up and reap the benefits. Once guests are part of your loyalty program, you should consistently communicate with them. Make them feel like they are part of an exclusive membership by sending offers and news with push notifications via your mobile app and text, connecting on social media, and sending email newsletters.

Data-Driven Marketing Offers

With the proper data-driven digital marketing tools, you can easily target the right guests with the right offers at the right times. You can choose different offer options like discount types based on percentage or amount, targeted offer from a menu item, entire order, or menu group, BOGO offers, or events-based offers. After you’ve decided which offers to create, you can notify guests using email marketing, push notifications, location-based marketing, and you can also ask for feedback with surveys.

Autonomous Upsells

As guests check out, the best restaurant tech can recommend upsells and cross-sells with machine learning. This enhances the ordering experience without you having to put in extra work. The feature analyzes what guests typically purchase together at each location to account for any regional-based preferences. It also accounts for seasonal purchases, so if guests order cold drinks in the summer and hot drinks in the winter, the upsell feature will adjust the recommended items to match the season!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management gives ​​you the ability to segment and target specific guests based on activity and past behavior. You own the guest relationship and the data to set up automated restaurant marketing campaigns. Features like customizable sign-up pages to capture any guest information you’d like and custom tags to segment guests and create tailored restaurant marketing campaigns help you control the guest experience. Now you can influence the buyer’s journey and turn new customers into loyal guests.



Leveraging these digital restaurant marketing tools will help you build customer loyalty and drive incremental revenue!