How Restaurants Can Use Push Notifications To Raise Revenue

Push notifications? We all get them, but how can you use them to your advantage when it comes to communicating with your restaurant guests?
Amanda Hamel

Push notifications are a powerful tool for restaurants. They can help you increase revenue, and they're an easy way to market new menu items or special events in your business. If you’re not using push notifications or SMS marketing to reach your restaurant guests, now may be the time to start. 

Push notifications are a powerful tool for restaurants.

What's one of the best ways to communicate with your customers? Push notifications. They're a powerful tool for restaurants to maximize their reach. Push notifications are short messages that pop up on your phone just like a text message, but these are often connected to your restaurant’s mobile app.

Push notifications are a great way for restaurants to communicate with their customers promptly and drive them back to the restaurant or its website with relevant content. The key is not only that you have an effective marketing strategy, but also that you're able to deliver on it consistently—and this can be difficult when dealing with hundreds or thousands of different devices each day.

Push notifications can help you communicate with your guests.

You can use push notifications to communicate with your guests in a fast and effective way. One way push notifications can be used is to tell customers about rewards points that they've earned through loyalty programs or other promotions. If there's an opportunity for more reward points (like free food), send out push notifications with details about how much each point is worth in terms of dollars and cents—and go even further by sharing the value of those rewards with customers who haven't redeemed their points yet! You can also use them to alert customers when their orders have been ready for pick up or delivery so that everyone can have what they need without waiting around too long in line at the checkout counter. Along with these options, there are many more ways to use this tool.

Here's how to use push notifications effectively in restaurants.

You can use push notifications to market new products or specials. When you have a new product, or when you want to offer customers an exclusive deal on your menu items, your restaurant must let people know about it as soon as possible. You can use push notifications to tell guests about these changes in advance of the announcement to start building up their excitement. This way, when customers do come into their establishment and see those special offers for themselves (or even just pass by), they’ll already be looking forward to it! 

You can also send push notifications when there is an emergency at your restaurant. For example, if the fire alarm goes off or someone breaks into the restaurant, you should be able to notify customers of those events quickly and easily. 

The food delivery industry uses push notifications to alert customers about their orders being ready for pick up or delivery. These notifications are a great way to let customers know that their orders are ready for pick up or delivery, which can result in more sales for the restaurant.

You may need to help your guests enable push notifications on their phones.

Here is a quick way you can help your guests turn on their notifications so they never miss a message from your restaurant:

To enable push notifications on an iPhone, go to Settings and then Notifications. You can also enable push notifications from the App Store itself by tapping on Updates and then switching "Show Updates" from Off to On.

If you're using an Android phone, go to Settings and then Apps & Notifications. From there, tap on the app you want to receive push notifications for and then tap on the toggle next to "Allow Notifications" or "Show Notifications."

Push notifications can also be used to tell customers to use their reward points.

Push notifications can also be used to tell customers to use their reward points. For example, a restaurant might send out a push notification when their customer has earned enough points for a free meal. If the customer doesn't claim this coupon within three days of receiving it, it expires and they lose their discount and have to pay full price for their next order. This is another way restaurants can encourage customers to use rewards programs as often as possible—and it's especially effective when combined with social media accounts.

If done right, push notifications can help boost revenue in your restaurant business.

The key takeaway here is that push notifications can be an effective tool for restaurants. You don't have to be a tech expert or use complicated software to get started, but you must understand how they work and what they can do. As a rule of thumb, don't spam your customers with too many messages; instead, keep things simple by sending out only one message per day with new specials or discounts -- and make sure the message is relevant to them!