How to Increase Engagement With Restaurant Guests

Want to know how to turn your restaurant guests into regulars? Give them an engaging experience they can’t resist!
Amanda Hamel

If you're a restaurant owner, chances are that you have quite a few regular customers. These are people who know what they want from your restaurant and come back again and again. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to increase engagement with these guests and a loyal community for your restaurant! Here’s how it’s done:

Have a strategy for your guests.

The first step to improving engagement with your guests is making sure you have a strategy for them. This means you should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how so that when the time comes, everything will fall into place. This can be as simple as “I want my guests to eat here more often” or “I want them to spend more money here than they would at another restaurant."

Once you've established your goals, they must be communicated clearly both internally (to employees) and externally (to customers). This way everyone involved knows exactly what needs to be done for those goals to be met successfully and whether there are any roadblocks along the way!

Communicate with your customers through email, text, and social media.

If you want to build a genuine loyal connection with your guests, then you’ll want to approach them from all angles! These three digital ways are the best we have seen for making connections that last. 

You can use email to send notifications about new menu items, special deals, and more. As well as that, text messages are an easy way to get the attention of busy people without interrupting them during their workday. They're also helpful for communicating with people on the go, who may only have access to a computer or phone a few times a week. The third way to reach your guests is with the power of social media. Posting on social media is another way you can reach out directly to your guests—and it does not require much effort! Just make sure that everything posted is appropriate for those platforms.

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Ensure a consistent experience for guests.

It's important to create an environment in your restaurant that allows guests to have a consistent and engaging experience on every visit. This means making sure the food is consistently good, the service is consistently good, and so on. If you want to make sure this happens then you’ll want to follow these few tips!

To start, make sure your servers are trained properly and understand how they should be treating customers. This includes explaining any specials or other information before serving them; thanking them when they leave; offering recommendations based on their tastes in food and drinks; and asking if any special accommodations are needed (such as allergies). If you're employees are going through an online training program, then make sure they've also been trained physically by someone who can show them how to do everything the right way!

Next up you’ll want to use consistent décor throughout your restaurant so that it gives off a unique feeling and creates an experience your guests can’t get anywhere else. It also makes things easier for staff members when you have a set of systems each night that remain the same. This will help ensure nothing goes wrong throughout the service.

Focus on the guest experience beyond just drinks and food.

One way to engage with guests and make them feel special is by being friendly and welcoming throughout the entire experience. Guests will appreciate your customer service, but they also want to see that you’re genuinely invested in their experience. If they have a question or complaint about something at your restaurant, make sure to keep it positive and professional.

You’re going to need to be patient with guests. It may sound obvious, but being patient is an important part of proving good customer service. When a guest needs a bit more time to look at the menu, or has a few extra questions make sure to approach the situation with patience and kindness. You never know what people may be going through, and a little patience will go a long way.

Consider new technology for guest engagement.

When it comes to improving the guest experience, there are several ways that technology can help you out! It can help you improve your business by providing you with an elevated view of what's happening in your restaurant or bar. You'll be able to see how many people are coming in and out, which tables have been occupied by long-time customers or new patrons, and whether they've ordered dessert as well as their meal. This information will give you insight into how much time each table spends eating at the restaurant so that workers know when it's appropriate for them to take orders from other tables (and vice versa).

Restaurant technology can also help make sure that everyone who walks through the doors gets enough attention. This means having an engaging online ordering experience as well as in-person dining. No matter where your guests are they’ll be satisfied with your service and enticed to come back for more.

Leave no doubt about your restaurant's commitment to customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty program in all that you do.

When your restaurant guests know that they can rely on you for a positive experience they’ll be loyal for life. To make sure this feeling remains, you’ll want to be open and honest with your guests about any changes being made. If there is anything new or different going on at the restaurant (such as new menus), letting people know about it well in advance will give them time to get used to it and adjust their expectations accordingly. 

The best way to increase engagement with guests is to make sure that they feel valued, appreciated, and supported.

To improve engagement with your guests, make sure that they feel valued, appreciated, and supported by those who run the operation both in front and behind the scenes. This means being responsive to their requests and needs. If a guest asks you what time they can get a table or if there's a special menu item they'd like to try, make sure you respond quickly and explain why it isn't available right now but will be back in stock soon.

When guests come into your restaurant, they should leave feeling as though they were treated with respect by both wait staff and kitchen staff alike. If not then this might indicate an opportunity for improvement on one side or another (or both). If so then consider ways in which those individuals could help ensure better service standards overall! Don't forget about those behind-the-scenes folks who keep everything running smoothly! They deserve praise too!

In short, building a connection with your guests is all about finding the right balance between being attentive and having fun. If you do this, your guests will feel like they're being taken care of and appreciated whenever they choose your restaurant!