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How to Increase Restaurant Sales Without Advertising

You've worked hard to get your restaurant off the ground, and now it's time to promote it. You want to increase sales, but advertising isn't going to cut it anymore. You might think that all you need is money thrown at an ad campaign or some fancy marketing materials—but there are plenty of ways you can market without spending any money whatsoever! Here are 9 ways:

Encourage customers to post reviews and testimonials.

Make it easy for customers to post their feedback and testimonials. If you have a website, make sure your contact information is visible so people can easily leave feedback or submit a testimonial. If you don't have a website, ask customers if they would be willing to send an email with their thoughts about the restaurant on your business card or in an email sent directly from your business' email address.

Along with customers, you should also ask for employee feedback so you know what needs improving within your restaurant. You should ask employees at least twice during every shift: once in person after each shift begins and again when closing time rolls around (or earlier if there's something urgent). This gives them time not only because they're busy but also because they might need some extra motivation before going out into the cold again!

Utilize the check-in feature on social media sites.

There's a simple way to get more customers for your restaurant: use the check-in feature on social media sites. This free service allows you to share what customers are eating and drinking, as well as how much they're spending at the restaurant. This makes it easy for people who like your food and want more of it to know where they can go next time they're in town—and that's exactly what you want! If someone likes your food so much that they want another round after their first one, then maybe they'll tell their friends about how great it was. And if some of those friends decide to try out your place next time around...well...you'll have plenty more mouths to feed!

Encourage repeat business with a loyalty program.

There are several reasons to consider the idea of a restaurant loyalty program. A loyalty program is a great way to build and keep customer relationships. It’s also a great tool for driving repeat business with existing customers, increasing sales, and growing your brand awareness.

A loyalty program is an agreement between a customer and their favorite restaurant that rewards them for their patronage. Most commonly, this means receiving discounts on future purchases or special offers from the business as long as you continue to frequent that establishment. If you like your favorite restaurant's food and service, it's worth it for them to make sure you keep coming back!

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Allow customers to place pre-orders online and pick them up in-store.

Pre-orders are a great way to increase sales without investing in advertising. The process is simple: you let your customers place their orders online, then pick them up at the restaurant when they arrive.

It's important to make sure that this system works for your business—and it can be tricky! For example, if you're new and don't have many customers yet, then having everyone pre-order will probably be too much pressure on your cash flow (which means no money coming in). But once you get established with enough repeat customers who trust the quality of what's being offered by your restaurant (and who know how much work goes into making everything happen), then pre-ordering makes sense because it'll also help build anticipation among those who want something extra special.

Make the most of social media with food photos and short videos.

When it comes to social media, you can't go wrong with food photos and short videos. While Instagram is best for posting large-scale images of your dishes in their entirety, Twitter and Facebook are better for promoting smaller dishes or even one simple shot of a single item.

For example: On Instagram, you might post a photo of your pasta dish with some text explaining what's in it. You'd also include hashtags like #pasta #italianfood so that people who search those words on Instagram can find yours easily. On Twitter or Facebook (or both), you could post an image or video showing off how delicious the pasta was! This way if someone comes across this page later on they'll be able to see exactly how amazing it looked—and maybe even order some themselves!

Host an event at your restaurant that encourages guests to bring friends.

Repeat guests are the perfect people to help bring in new customers because they’ll trust your guest's judgment. Here are a few ideas of events that will help you bring in more guests. Host a food and wine pairing dinner. If you want to encourage guests to bring friends, host an educational event at your restaurant where they can learn about new foods and wines that pair well with each other. You could also host a cooking class for your guests. Cooking classes are always popular because they give people something fun to do on weekends or during their lunch breaks. Your customers will come back again and again if you offer this type of event!

As well as that, try hosting a beer tasting or wine tasting (or both). There are many beers out there that pair well with different types of food, so why not try pairing some interesting brews with some delicious dishes from your menu? A good way to get started is by offering tastings during special occasions like birthdays!

Offer delivery or catering services to increase sales when people aren't dining in.

If you want to increase sales, consider offering delivery or catering services. Delivery and catering are growing in popularity as more people are looking for ways to save time and money when dining out. Both options can be a good way to build customer loyalty and get new customers who wouldn’t normally visit your restaurant.

Get involved in your community by hosting fundraisers and donating food or products for charity auctions.

Donating food and drinks to charity events is a great way to raise money for a worthy cause. If you're looking to get involved in your local community, hosting fundraisers at your restaurant or bar can be an excellent way of doing so. You can also donate food and drinks directly to sports teams, schools, churches, and community centers by contacting them directly through their website or social media accounts.

Advertise without actual advertising.

If you can’t advertise, don't worry. There are many other ways to get your name out there. You can make your promotional items and give them away as gifts. You can also buy up space on other promotional materials like pens, pencils, magnets, etc., to advertise your restaurant. People will remember you when they see your name everywhere! 

There are so many ways to market for free! Give away recipes and cookbooks. This can be a great way to attract new customers and build their trust in your brand by offering them something valuable that they can't get anywhere else. You can also use this as an opportunity to promote the restaurant itself by giving away recipe cards with the name of your restaurant on them or even just "bookmark" pages about other restaurants in town. If there is anything specific about what makes your culinary style distinct from others, then create a deck of cards with those items highlighted on them (e.g., "our chef makes his own bread"). This will help show off how much care goes into creating each dish while also generating interest among potential diners who might not know much about how much effort goes into making food at home!

Restaurant owners are always looking for ways to increase sales, and they often struggle with how to do so. Advertising is expensive, and while it might get your restaurant noticed in a crowded marketplace, it's not likely to lead to increased sales. However, there are many other ways in which you can increase business without resorting to advertising - such as by hiring new employees or increasing your menu offerings. If you need help with any of these issues then don't hesitate to contact us today!


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