Digital Ordering

Revamping Restaurant Operations With An Online Ordering System

On the fence about if your restaurant needs an online ordering system? We’re sure this blog will help you make a decision.
Amanda Hamel

The restaurant industry is a tough place to be. You have limited resources, staffing issues, and an ever-changing culinary landscape. But there is one thing that most of your peers can agree on it's the need for an online ordering system. If you don't have one already, take this as a sign that your restaurant's revenue could grow exponentially very soon!

Online ordering is the future of food delivery.

It’s also a big part of how you can grow your restaurant and make more money, as well as how you can attract new customers to your business. Online ordering is going to be an increasingly important part of every restaurant's marketing strategy in the coming years, especially if they want to stay competitive and successful in today's marketplace where consumers are demanding more transparency from brands.

Online ordering boosts sales and revenue.

Online ordering is the perfect way to boost your sales and revenue. It’s more convenient for customers, who no longer have to go into the restaurant and wait in line. They can order online and pick up their food on their own schedule, which means you don’t have to worry about seating them or making space for them at the table.

Online ordering also allows you to reach new customers that may not be familiar with your brand or menu options — especially if they live outside of your area. For example, if there are only two restaurants within 15 miles of each other, but one offers delivery service while another does not (or vice versa), then that restaurant may gain more business throughout the week! If both locations were to offer online ordering and delivery then there would be more opportunities for each restaurant to grow.

People prefer to order in advance, so you'll get more repeat customers.

The biggest benefit of an online ordering system is that you can reach new guests, who might still need to become familiar with your restaurant. You don't have to worry about whether or not they'll show up at your door. They'll be able to order online and even pay for their orders in advance, and when they arrive, you'll have all the details ready for them!

Technology helps you reduce wait times and improve efficiency.

You can reduce wait times, improve efficiency and help reduce staff costs by adopting an online ordering system. Online ordering is more efficient than traditional ordering because it allows you to automate your workflow completely. Instead of having your guests come in on a busy night, they can simply order from your website or mobile app

You can improve your brand image with a great online ordering experience.

Online ordering is a great way to improve your brand image. Customers can see the menu, and the prices, and even order on the same page. This provides convenience and comfort to guests that they may not have received going to your restaurant itself. Having an online ordering system is a win-win all around!

It's a good way to reach new customers who might still need to become familiar with your restaurant.

An online ordering system is a good way to reach new customers who might still need to become familiar with your restaurant, and it’s a simple task! It also allows you to reach customers who are not in your area and/or demographic, so they can order from you as well. Online ordering is also a great way to increase revenue and profits. The average online order generates over $10 more in revenue than an in-person order. Along with that, you can promote your loyalty program seamlessly with online ordering to help retain guests easier.

Restaurant owners should consider adding an online ordering system to their marketing strategy.

If you own a restaurant and have thought about adding an online ordering system, now is your chance to act on it.  Online ordering is the future of food delivery. In fact, according to a report from Market Realist, online orders accounted for nearly half (44%) of all meal deliveries nationwide in 2017. This is a number that's expected to grow by 15% over the next decade. Now that you know how popular this service can be in your area, let's talk about how it can help boost sales and revenue at your restaurant!

People prefer to order ahead for convenience and ease when choosing where they want their meals delivered or picked up from. This trend continues despite rising costs associated with operating brick-and-mortar locations. As such, restaurants need ways of making sure customers feel confident about their choices before pulling out their wallets, and what better way than offering them a convenient way through which they can make those decisions? By having an online ordering system available during all business hours for your guests! You'll see how quickly things will start coming together. These points make a great marketing campaign as well and can even help attract more guests to your establishment. 

In this blog, we've covered the benefits of online ordering systems for restaurants. The list is long and impressive, but the most essential thing for any restaurant owner to remember is that it's about more than just convenience. It's about improving your brand image and growing your business by reaching new customers. If you're ready to go all-in on an online ordering system, we’ve got your back!