Hava Java

Hava Java leverages Incentivio to drive 30% of total sales.




Sales driven by Incentivio
Digital orders driven through Incentivio
Increased revenue through machine learning upsells


Hava Java serves coffee, sushi, and signature drinks at their two locations in NY. In addition to their "craveworthy" food, Hava Java is known for their dedication to providing "delicious service." Hava Java is always looking to stay ahead of the curve and is viewed by many of their peers as an innovator in the restaurant space.


While they used other online ordering solutions in the past, Hava Java really wanted something that would help them connect with their guests on a deeper level beyond the restaurant and that also integrated seamlessly with their Revel POS system. After an extensive search process, Joel found Incentivio and instantly felt it was a perfect match.


"From the first call/demo, I felt Incentivio checked all of the boxes and then some... The transition from there was seamless. The team was extremely helpful - any questions were addressed immediately; it didn't feel like I was dealing with a company - it felt like everyone at Incentivio really cared about my needs and my restaurants," explains Joel Mendlowitz, Owner of Hava Java.

Even with in-store sales re-opening, the ability to engage guests outside of the restaurant and to provide a native, branded mobile app was a game-changer.


"When we introduced Incentivio in August 2020, we did very little to market the app or web ordering to our customers and saw 25% of our sales coming in through Incentivio... in the first month."

While in-store sales have started to normalize in more recent months, Hava Java continues to see an increase in digital sales through the mobile app and web ordering.

"Nearly 30% of our sales are driven through the digital ordering tools Incentivio provides. While we still use some third-party delivery sites, Incentivio drives 80% of our digital orders while also saving us the 30% commission fees the third-party sites charge."

Hava Java also recently turned on Incentivio's new upsell recommendations engine. Just by turning this feature on, the machine learning powered upsells have autonomously increased digital revenue by 2% per month.