Massis Kabob

How Massis Kabob increases revenue by almost six figures.




Total revenue driven by Incentivio
Sales driven by app and online ordering
Redemption rate on offers

About Massis Kabob The Original Kabobery!

Massis Kabob is a family-run micro-chain that’s proudly served delicious Mediterranean dishes since 1976 using only the freshest and finest ingredients the world has.

With over 45 years in the restaurant industry and six mall-based locations in the Los Angeles area, Massis Kabob opened its first standalone location in Glendale, California in September 2022.

Simplifying the tech stack with an all-in-one restaurant engagement platform

Building a tech stack is standard for restaurants of all sizes and as guests become more engaged through mobile apps, online ordering, and loyalty programs, simplifying the tech stack and bringing an all-in-one solution is essential.

Massis Kabob was looking to develop a personal relationship with guests and knew how to serve them best. “We wanted to have a personal touch with our customers even when they were not ordering in our stores,” said co-owner, Peter Baghdassarian.

After adopting our all-in-one restaurant engagement platform, the multi-location restaurant brand increased revenue for their newest location by almost six figures through their new white-label mobile and branded online ordering while averaging 50 orders daily.

“We've had around 5,100 sign-ups, without any promotion, in just three months of opening our newest location driven by our mobile app which makes up 60 percent of our digital ordering.”

With the launch of their app, the process of having a one-on-one relationship with customers became seamless and the restaurant brand can leverage crucial guest data. “We’re glad to be working with Incentivio because I avoid having to hire four guys to sit around in an office to do data analysis,” Baghdassarian said.

Increased guest retention fueled by targeted marketing and artificial intelligence

Our new Guest Journey feature provides guest segments and data-driven insights that have allowed Massis Kabob to target and send specific offers to the right guests at the right time.

“We’ve had a 4x redemption rate on an offer targeting guests that were at risk of losing interest in our restaurant. Instead of letting those guests walk out the door and never come back, we were able to identify them and send an offer to continue their Massis Kabob journey,” said Baghdassarian.