St. Louis Bar & Grill

How St. Louis Bar & Grill increased digital sales by 66%.




Increase in digital sales
Total revenue driven by Incentivio
Increase across all ordering channels


St. Louis Bar and Grill is one of the most recognized and respected Canadian restaurant franchise brands. Their goal is to provide great tasting food and fantastic service in a casual, local neighborhood bar and grill setting. Today they have over 70 locations and are growing very quickly.


Prior to switching to Incentivio, St. Louis Bar & Grill was using an enterprise-focused online ordering provider. While they were generating over $4.1M in annual online sales they saw opportunities to improve and streamline the digital experience for their guests.


St. Louis Bar & Grill partnered with Incentivio after evaluating multiple companies and platforms. "We knew we wanted a partner that could grow with us," said Trevor Sainsbury, VP of Business Intelligence for St Louis Bar & Grill. "We found that in Incentivio, and the team continues to work closely with us and accommodate our needs while allowing us to be nimble in this increasingly digital-first world."


St. Louis Bar & Grill has increased their digital ordering over 3X since switching to Incentivio. "Total sales are up more than 5% even compared to our pre-COVID revenue due primarily to takeout and delivery sales being through the roof with Incentivio. We also expect them to stay elevated even now that we are fully re-opened in-store," says Trevor. Takeout and delivery sales currently represent over 30% of total revenue. "In just a few months since launch, we're continuing to see a relentless pace of innovation from Incentivio. Everything from user interface updates to transformative new features that increase revenue and retention for us."