Tomato Bar

How Tomato Bar uses Incentivio to compete against large chains.




Total revenue driven by Incentivio
Pickup orders driven by Incentivio
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Tomato Bar was originally created to serve the highest quality pizza that guests could get their hands on. Now, in addition to pizza pies, Tomato Bar also serves a variety of menu items such as hoagies and salads, and features over 20 beers on tap at their three brick and mortar locations in Indiana. However, food and drink is only one element of Tomato Bar’s mission: “Tomato Bar’s mission is to provide a deeply felt satisfaction to our patrons that we hope will leave you in awe – a fun atmosphere, great tasting food, and uncompromising service.


Tomato Bar prides themselves on the guest experience in addition to serving up the highest quality pizza pies. They needed a solution that could help them provide a digital guest experience that met their high-standards and match their in-store guest experience.

Prior to introducing Incentivio, Tomato Bar was offering online ordering through another provider. However, they quickly reached a point where they knew they needed more: "Our previous online ordering solution was really basic and simple. As a pizza concept that changes our menu regularly, we needed something that offered more advanced order flow and modifiers," says Jeff Stykowski, Co-owner of Tomato Bar.


Tomato Bar uses Toast POS to manage their in-store operations and first heard about Incentivio from their Toast representative. Tomato Bar decided to move forward with Incentivio because of it’s ability to provide more advanced online ordering and introduce a mobile app that is fully branded, capable of handling complex menus and order workflows, and fully integrated with their in-store Toast POS.


Incentivio has helped Tomato Bar take their digital ordering and marketing to a new level. "As a small business owner looking at the larger chains you think they are just so far ahead in terms of technology and ordering that you can never get to that. I really feel like Incentivio has helped us to bridge that gap across guest ordering and marketing very quickly," says Jeff.

The integration with Toast POS has made menu management and in-store operations seamless for Tomato Bar as menus can be adjusted right in Toast and those changes are immediately reflected online and on mobile apps.

Even as in-store dining has recovered in 2021, Tomato Bar continues to see 17% of their total sales driven through Incentivio. Tomato Bar has seen so much success with Incentivio, they recently stopped offering delivery altogether and leverage Incentivio to drive 56% of total pickup orders across their three location.