Wing It On!

How Wing It On! increased digital revenue by 13.18% with AI/ML.




Increased revenue by machine learning upsells
Recovered at-risk revenue
Recovered at-risk guest spending


About Wing It On!

Wing It On! is known for its fresh, never-frozen, all-natural wings ’n wiches. Since 2011, the fan-favorite wing joint has become an emerging brand being recognized in QSR Magazine’s “40/40” list in 2021 as one of the country’s hottest fast-casual startups!

Wing It On! has rapidly developed its franchise growth with nine new franchise agreements signed in 2021 to add 18 new units that grew the brand’s presence in Texas, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. Three new locations have already opened this year bringing the total of open locations to 10. Throughout the year, Wing It On! has plans to open even more locations across the U.S.

Guest can "Chicken Like a Champ" with Wing It On!'s revamped online ordering and mobile app

With many restaurant customers adopting online and mobile ordering for on-demand service, Wing It On! was ready to enhance its digital customer engagement experience in the restaurant space. The brand was looking for a solution that provided more depth and features for guests to utilize while requiring less manual intervention to drive revenue.

Justin Egan, co-founder, and CMO said “We decided we needed something more user-friendly that could provide a branded Wing It On! experience and the functionality to not only manage digital orders, but that could also help us connect with our customers and drive digital revenue without requiring too much manual maintenance.”

That’s when the Wing It On! and Incentivio partnership began! “Introducing online and mobile ordering that was fully integrated with our POS was really what drew us initially to Incentivio,” Egan says. “The platform is very robust and offers tons of great features for restaurants to leverage that would typically require integrating, paying for, and managing multiple platforms, databases, and vendors. We can manage our mobile and online ordering, loyalty programs, push notifications, and rewards in one platform that also provides a machine learning driven marketing engine. It was a game-changer for us on so many levels.”

How the upsells recommendation powered by machine learning impacted brand growth

Our upsell recommendations engine powered by machine learning uses past data to understand which restaurant items such as sides, desserts, and beverages are commonly ordered with center-of-the-plate items and which items a guest already has in his/her cart to make smart recommendations that help restaurants generate incremental revenue and increase average check sizes without manual intervention.

"Simply by turning on the upsell feature we saw an 8.7% take-rate by guests and instantly increased our digital revenue by nearly 4% without having to lift a finger,” said Egan. “Now we’re at 13.18% of increased digital revenue.”

Artificial Intelligence elevates Wing It On!'s Guest Journey

Using our new Guest Journey feature that provides guest segments and data-driven insights has allowed Wing It On! to understand the percent of revenue its guests contribute using tags such as strangers, rookies, regulars, and loyalists. The feature also includes Churn Management which uses over 600 types of data to identify at-risk guests, before they’ve churned, with 97% accuracy. This helps prevent churn by connecting to our automated marketing suite that sends targeted offers and proactively aids in winning guests back before they leave.

With these features, Wing It On! recovered 15% ($55k) of at-risk revenue from Sliders and Churned customers. The brand was able to recover 25% of spending from Sliders and 12% of spending from Churned guests!

​​“As an emerging brand that was actually thriving during the pandemic due to our digital presence, it was difficult to find technology partners that were also thriving and innovating,” Egan said. “We felt well-positioned to have Incentivio as a partner during this time. They never dropped the ball, and that really stresses the importance of choosing the right vendor partners to grow with you through the thickest of times. Wing It On!’s future is bright, and we’re on trajectory to have 100 stores in the pipeline by 2024. We know Incentivio is able to quickly scale with us, and we’re excited to continue our relationship.”