A Hybrid Approach to a Hospitality Revolution with Alistair Levine of KitchenSync


Technology vs. Human Touch - Alistair Levine understands that both human touch and emerging technology are important in today’s hospitality industry. He has a goal at Kitchen Sync to create a hybrid approach that takes advantage of both entities' strengths.

Dynamic Pricing for Better Guest Experience - When it comes to technology, Alistair Levine believes that as the options become more complicated, restaurants will have to narrow their focus to find root problems on the path to solutions.

Making Good Decisions with Good Data - Even though Alistair Levine believes that hospitality is a human-driven industry, he also believes that Artificial Intelligence will serve the purpose of helping businesses make better decisions based on their ability to receive enhanced data from reliable sources.


Alistair Levine is the CEO of multiple restaurant concepts and a Partner and Head of Business Development at KitchenSync

He shared his vision with Data Delicacies powered by Incentivio. A vision that includes leveraging a hybrid approach that capitalizes on the unique strengths of both technology and human expertise. 

Balancing Technology and Human Expertise

Levine understands the intricate balance between technology and human touch in the modern hospitality industry. 

"There's things that technology does really, really well, and there's things that humans do really well,” says Levine to host Arun Kumar. “So our general philosophy is that you really kind of need that hybrid approach. We're going to put the two pieces together.”

Dynamic Pricing for Superior Guest Experience

In a rapidly evolving landscape that includes the implementation of dynamic pricing, Levine emphasizes the necessity for restaurants to narrow their focus to address core issues effectively. He believes that sophisticated technology, when used correctly, can significantly enhance the guest experience and drive profitability. 

“I think also dynamic pricing is coming,” says Levine. “I think the sophistication with which restaurants, both in scale and smaller, are going to be rolling out, utilizing that concept to actually provide better guest experience and more profitable outcomes.”

Data-Driven Decision Making

While Levine acknowledges that hospitality is fundamentally a human-driven industry, he also champions the role of Artificial Intelligence in enhancing decision-making processes. He highlights that AI can deliver more accurate data from trustworthy sources, facilitating improved business decision-making. 

"This is a human-driven industry. It's going to be about enablement and empowerment of the human decision-makers.” Levine explains. “Obviously, that's an area where AI and machine learning, assuming those endpoints and that data sourcing is good, can help people make good decisions on good data.”

Alistair Levine is doing his part with his vast portfolio to help transform the hospitality industry by marrying the best of technology with the irreplaceable human touch to create solutions that are both efficient and profoundly impactful.

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Alistair Levine, Partner and Head of Business Development at KitchenSync, has a deep-rooted passion for the restaurant industry. With a love for exploring global cuisine, Alistair believes that food is a gateway to understanding different cultures. Alistair spent over a decade in the luxury audio industry, leading initiatives like the Luxury Yachting division and expanding into Asian markets. With a family history steeped in the restaurant industry, he joined KitchenSync full-time after his father, Ed’s, untimely passing. In his current position, he aims to empower restaurant owners with timely, technology-driven information. Following his father's legacy, Alistair combines insights from both the restaurant owner and service provider perspectives, offering unique industry expertise to drive client success. 


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