Innovation in Authentic Italian Dining with Due' Cucina's Davide Macchi


Changing the Branding Script - Davide Macchi knew that his food was good. However, in the US, unlike in Italy, aesthetic branding, and overall ambiance is as much a part of the product as the food itself. Macchi and his partner reluctantly hired help that switched a few small things in the restaurant, and the results were immediately positive.

Using Data from Incentivio to Propel Business - As the world and restaurant industry become more digital, the amount of data available increases. Davide Macchi and Due' Cucina have partnered with Incentivio to provide such data, but they are charged with parsing that information to efficiently use the data as their business expands.

A Brand Promise of Variety - Davide Macchi believes that variation can be an excellent thing. With that in mind, the pizzas at Due' Cucina are made by hand, which means each pizza is slightly different but equally delicious.


Meet Davide Macchi, the visionary CEO and Co-Founder behind Due' Cucina

As a native of Italy, Macchi studied Business Administration at Cal-Berkeley and received his MBA from the vaunted MIT. During this time, he and his business partner waited tables in London, where they obtained restaurant experience, learned English, and sparked their idea to own a restaurant.

“We learned (about the restaurant industry) in the other experiences that we had across the globe because we both worked internationally. That’s kind of what led us to think: what if we put these two things together and we build a brand with the best in class technology and a data-driven approach.” reminisces Macchi to host Arun Kumar of Incentivio in the latest episode of Data Delicacies. “But something also built for people that really love the personable and the interpersonal aspect of hospitality.”

Aesthetic Branding Mastery

Jumping into building a restaurant, Macchi leaned heavily into his Italian background of having great food offerings. However, he soon recognized the importance of ambiance alongside exceptional cuisine and redefined Due' Cucina's identity in the competitive US market. 

"We came up with three cheap things we could do that could change the script. We painted the walls, changed the lighting, and added string lights," he shares. “Within a week, the moment the ceiling was painted and the lighting changed, revenue was up 35%.”

Harnessing Data with Incentivio

As Due’ Cucina expands in the digital era, Macchi is learning to leverage cutting-edge tools like Incentivio to harness customer data, such as dining patterns, personal data, and order frequency effectively. DataThe insight provided drives targeted marketing and personalized experiences, optimizing Due' Cucina's expansion strategy.

"Customer data platforms help us merge profiles and understand preferences. They're pretty well established. And once again, we need to have good leads." he explains. 

“We don't yet have a fully grown customer data platform, but with Incentivio, we have a lot of features that are a good proxy.”

Variety as a Brand Promise

At Due' Cucina, authenticity shines through handmade pizzas—a nod to Italian culinary heritage. Being handmade gives each pizza a personal touch and makes each slightly unique. For Macchi, it is important for Due’ Cucina to lean into customer loyalty and tap into the idea of slight variations to their favorites, evoking the nostalgia and excitement of eating Grandma’s cooking.

“Our brand promise is to make it from scratch. And in making from scratch, it's always going to be great but it might taste slightly different. And that's exciting. Because when you would go to your Italian Grandma’s on Sunday for lunch, it [the food] wasn't always exactly the same because she wasn't even measuring things all the time. But it was always very good.”

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Davide Macchi is the Co-founder & CEO of Due' Cucina, a unique fast-casual concept specializing in authentic Italian pasta. Due' Cucina currently operates four locations in Seattle, WA (with one more on the way) and, following a recent equity round, is about to open three additional units in Texas. Before Due’, Davide worked as a strategy consultant for Kearney, and in a variety of management roles in Australia and the US for Rocket Internet and Amazon. Davide studied media, economics, and business administration at University of Bologna, UC Berkeley, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he received his MBA in 2016.

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