Scaling, Personalization, and AI-Driven Delight with Jared Cohen of Protein Bar & Kitchen


Scaling with Insight: Building a Strong Infrastructure - As businesses grow, maintaining consistency becomes a challenge. To tackle this, developing a strong company culture and training system is essential. With solid infrastructure, decision-making and forecasting improve, supporting rapid expansion. This system ensures that whether you're running 15 restaurants or franchising across the country, you have the insights and muscle to grow effectively.

Personalization Power: Customized Offers for Loyal Customers - Generic discounts are out; personalized offers are in! By using customer data, businesses can craft specific deals based on individual preferences. For instance, frequent shake buyers get shake discounts, while entrée lovers receive entrée offers. This targeted approach has proven to boost redemption rates significantly, showing that a little personalization goes a long way in building customer loyalty.

AI-Driven Delight: Smarter Personalization for Happier Customers - Imagine a system that knows exactly what you want before you do. By integrating AI and data, businesses can create highly personalized customer experiences. For example, a first-time protein bar buyer might receive a series of tailored emails and offers, designed to convert them into a regular customer. This smart personalization not only increases variety in purchases but also strengthens customer loyalty.


Jared Cohen, COO of Protein Bar & Kitchen, remains relevant in the market with transformative strategies for modern businesses. In a conversation with Arun Kumar on Data Delicacies, Cohen provided a comprehensive approach to overcoming common growth challenges by leveraging these techniques.

Building Robust Infrastructure for Scalable Growth

As businesses grow, maintaining consistency becomes challenging. A strong company culture and training system, supported by solid infrastructure, improve decision-making and forecasting, facilitating rapid expansion. 

“Once you start scaling, it becomes harder to scale those pieces of it…But as you get bigger, you're going to need more infrastructure,” says Cohen. “That's why we do things like try and build the company culture; the training culture that we have, to make sure that everyone is executing at the same standard.”

According to Cohen, businesses can enhance consistency, boost customer loyalty, and achieve sustainable expansion in today's competitive landscape with the proper infrastructure.

Tailoring Offers to Boost Customer Loyalty

A part of that infrastructure includes customer loyalty using companies like Incentivio. But for Cohen and company, generic discounts are out, and personalized offers are in! 

By using customer data, businesses can craft specific deals based on individual preferences, significantly boosting redemption rates and building customer loyalty.

“We have the data…What would make this resonate to bring these customers back in?” inquires Cohen of loyalty practices. “We should be personalizing this. We should be making this more customized, more specific to the way customers use our brand.”

The personalization of customer loyalty has paid amazing dividends for Protein Bar & Kitchen.  

“The magnitude difference from a generic ‘Hey, here are a couple of dollars off’ to a ‘Hey, here's an offer for a product that you buy’—it's been at least a five-fold difference in redemption.”

Enhancing Customer Experience with AI-Driven Personalization

Cohen continues to lean into the evolving world of marketing with the integration of AI and data to help create highly personalized customer experiences. He uses the example of a first-time protein bar buyer who might receive tailored emails and offers designed to convert them into a regular customer by increasing variety in purchase capabilities in an effort to strengthen customer loyalty.

Jared Cohen's insights on Data Delicacies provide a roadmap for businesses to scale efficiently, personalize their offerings, and leverage AI for smarter customer interactions, enhancing infrastructure necessary for sustainable growth.

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As COO of Protein Bar & Kitchen, Jared Cohen is dedicated to expanding the brand's offering of delicious, nutritious, and protein-packed food. At PBK, he oversees strategy, finance, technology, and other functional areas to build a leading better-for-you restaurant company. With the company now franchising and licensing, Jared is eager to connect with potential partners. 

Prior to joining PBK, he was a Senior Director of Strategy at McDonald's, where he focused on new business development, including the launch of McDonald's on Uber Eats. His background also includes management consulting, specializing in strategy for major CPG, retail, and media clients.


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