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Learn how much 3rd party delivery really costs

Third-Party Delivery typically charges between 15-30% while also charging your guests' extra fees. Find out how much you could be adding to your bottom line by converting third-party commission fees to revenue and taking back control of the guest experience with this Restaurant Delivery ROI Calculator!

Why is first-party ordering important for restaurants?

First-party orders originate on your own branded web ordering application or mobile app. With first-party ordering, you own the data, the guest relationship, and you don't pay any commission fees.

With your branded restaurant online ordering system and restaurant mobile app, you can maximize your margins by avoiding third-party commission fees when guests order directly through you.

How can restaurants use first-party ordering and delivery?

With an all-in-one restaurant engagement platform, you can use first-party ordering (branded online ordering and white-label mobile app) for pickup, curbside, or delivery. All ordering methods, including delivery, are commission-free so you don't have to worry about sacrificing your revenue to third-party delivery services.

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