Strategic Restaurant Menu Design

Your menu layout can significantly impact customer ordering habits and your profits. Learn how to maximize the your menu design in person and online.

Why do Impactful Menu Items Matter?

A popular theory states that customers look at the menu for 109 seconds on average. That means that in under two minutes, you must direct their focus to the most impactful menu items for you— be that your specials or your more expensive entrees. To do that, your menu must be impactful, engaging, and easy to navigate.

So, how do you optimize your menu?

Optimizing Your Menu

Menu Engineering typically involves four main steps: 

  • Costing Your Menu
  • Categorizing Your Menu Items
  • Designing the Menu
  • Testing Your Design

Our guide covers all four steps in detail, as well as why they're important and how to best optimize them. 

Why Does Menu Design Matter?

Your menu is among the first ways your customers will engage with you— either in person or online. You want your menu to reflect who you are, as well as draw them to the best items on your menu. 

Winning the customer is no easy task, but with a sound strategy you can win them back time and time again.