Upsell Recommendations Engine

Incentivio is an all-in-one digital guest engagement platform that helps restaurants connect with their guests and drive revenue. The upsell engine applies machine learning to autonomously suggest upsells and cross-sells as guests checkout on via mobile app or branded web ordering. 


  Backed by machine learning

  No manual intervention required

 Recognizes seasonal & regional preferences

 Avoids suggesting replacement items


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Autonomous product recommendations powered by machine learning 


Create custom rules alongside the autonomous upsell engine to promote specific items or specials


Recommendations are designed to enhance the ordering experience online and on restaurant apps.

Autonomously Increase Top and Bottom Line Revenue

Suggestive selling backed by machine learning - increase your average check size with our machine learning based upsells feature. This feature suggests items based on same store actual sales, what guests frequently purchase together, and what a guest already has in their cart.


Omer & Jen - Founders, Pura Vida Miami
"The upsell feature delivers us $2,500 in new revenue every month, which is more than the entire platform costs. In addition, the ability to add features like saving customer credit cards, loyalty points and delivery address were vital to our digital success, truly optimizing the customer experience. Our regulars love earning free food and skipping the line and we love the opportunity to serve them more frequently…."

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Drive Incremental Revenue with No Manual Intervention

Incentivio upsells are powered by machine learning which means simply turning on this feature will increase digital revenue and average check sizes without requiring any manual effort. 

  • Based on Same Store Sales - the upsell feature analyzes what guests typically purchase together at each individual location to account for any regional-based preferences.

  • Accounts for Seasonal Preferences - the recommendations algorithm refreshes every two weeks. If guests are more likely to purchase cold drinks in the summer and warm drinks in the winter, the upsell engine will adjust the recommended items accordingly. 

  • Avoids Recommending Replacements - upsell recommendations also factor in what a guest already has in their cart and automatically classifies those items into categories to avoid suggesting items that could replace what’s already in the cart. 


Highlight Special or High-Margin Items

While the upsell feature will deliver powerful results without requiring any manual intervention, you can also create custom rules alongside the machine learning algorithms. 

  • Promotions & Specials - if you’re introducing a new menu item or want to promote specific items, you can create your own rules to always recommend those items when they are not already added to a guests cart. 

  • Item Enhancements - drive incremental revenue by creating a manual rule to always suggest certain add-ons when specific items are added to a guests cart. For instance, suggest an espresso shot with certain beverages, a side of dressing for certain salads, or extra meat in a burrito. 
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"Simply by turning on the upsell feature we saw an 8.7% take-rate by guests and instantly increased our digital revenue by nearly 4%..."  

Frictionless Digital Ordering Experience

Upsells are seamlessly integrated into the digital ordering workflows to provide a frictionless experience for guests, while increasing average check sizes.

  • Available for online ordering

  • Built into your restaurant's mobile apps

  • Guests can still apply digital marketing offers, promo codes, or redeem loyalty rewards at checkout

  • Frictionless cross-sells and upsells across brands for virtual kitchens

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