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Improve your bottom line with a restaurant guest engagement platform.

Many restaurant owners and operators are adopting online and mobile ordering for on-demand service, but are still using multiple solutions for marketing, loyalty, and customer relationship management. This leads to complex digital business operations that aren't fit for a fast-paced industry requiring simplicity.

So, we've created a guest engagement platform for restaurants and virtual kitchens to help increase retention, maximize revenue, and enhance the guest experience all in ONE platform.

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Who is Incentivio?

Incentivio is where restaurants can build and cultivate memorable experiences with their guests, digitally! Since 2017 we have helped hundreds of restaurant brands with over 3,000 restaurant locations across the U.S. and Canada increase retention, maximize revenue, and enhance the guest experience for both first-time visitors and loyalists. 

Our goal is to create memorable dining experiences that leave a lasting impression between the brand and their guests for ALL restaurants.

Why Restaurants Choose Incentivio

Whether you're a one-location pizza joint or a nationwide coffee shop, our platform, built from data science, AI, and Machine Learning allows you to take control of your guest journey with automated insights and outcomes. 

Branded Online Ordering and Mobile Apps

Offer a commission-free, flexible, and personalized experience with a white-label app and fully-branded online ordering!

Customizable Loyalty

Reward guests for every interaction with your brand with a customizable loyalty program!

Data-driven Marketing

With data-driven automation, you can target the right guests with the right offers at the right time.

CRM/CDP + Analytics

Automatically analyze your guests' accounts to set up marketing campaigns that are automatically triggered based on events, thresholds, or actions.

Gift Cards

Fully integrated Gift Cards that guests can use across mobile, web, and in-store, and create digital wallets for flexible payment options.

Machine Learning Upsells

Autonomously suggest upsells and cross-sells during checkout via your app and online ordering.

Identify At-risk Guests with Churn Management

Be proactive and target at-risk guests with a 4-10x retention rate using churn management powered by AI.

Seamless Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with top POS providers, payment processors, and delivery services!

<strong>Andrew Patti | Marketing and Brand Manager</strong><br>Barrio Queen

"We chose Incentivio for our restaurant because it provides us with a powerful app solution to keep our guests informed about our exciting events, features, and specials. Through this platform, we not only connect with them and make them a part of our family but also have the opportunity to give back through their loyalty, making us more than just a restaurant but a lifestyle brand deeply connected to the community."

Andrew Patti | Marketing and Brand Manager
Barrio Queen
<strong>Richard French | CEO and Founder</strong><br>The Works Bakery Café

"We need to align with what people want in today's age which is authenticity. We want culinary experiences to be unique and different. In the restaurant industry, it's all about connection to the stomach, the senses, or the people. Without embracing technology, and a partner like Incentivio, we wouldn't be in the position that we are today. This company is on a different trajectory. I believe that the experience will continue to evolve and the one thing that I always super respected about Incentivio is that they're constantly evolving as well."

Richard French | CEO and Founder
The Works Bakery Café
<strong>Peter <span>Baghdassarian | Co-owner</span></strong><br>Massis Kabob

"We wanted to have a personal touch with our customers even when they were not ordering in our stores. After adopting Incentivio we increased revenue for our newest location by almost six figures through our new white-label mobile app and branded online ordering while averaging 50 orders daily. We've had around 5,100 sign-ups, without any promotion, in just three months of opening our newest location driven by our mobile app which makes up 60 percent of our digital ordering.”

Peter Baghdassarian | Co-owner
Massis Kabob
<strong>Jordan <span>Tisaranni | Marketing Manager</span></strong><br>Virtual X Kitchen

"Of all of the offers we have put out, the loyalty program has been the most used by far, which really shows the value of having that technological capability. Looking at the past year, we have had over $55,000 in delivery sales alone, and the fact that we actually retain almost all of that revenue as opposed to giving 30+% away to a 3rd party makes a huge difference. We've kept 85% of our delivery revenue by utilizing Incentivio's in-app and web delivery while retaining our customer's data for targeted marketing."

Jordan Tisaranni | Marketing Manager
Virtual X Kitchen
<strong>John Pepper | CEO and Co-founder</strong><br>Boloco

"The Incentivio guest journey capabilities represent a significant stride in the 1:1 guest experience. For the first time, we are able to automatically segment customers into smaller and more distinct groups and communicate accordingly. Incentivio is making our efforts to reach guests with relevant offerings far more enticing depending on where they are in their Boloco journey."

John Pepper | CEO and Co-founder

Take back control of your guest journey