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5 Common Problems That Restaurant Engagement Software Can Solve

As times change, so do the resources we need to succeed. In the restaurant industry, we can no longer rely on old methods to solve all of our problems. Sometimes we need a bit of advanced technology to do the trick. There are many common problems that restaurants struggle with that can be solved with the right software. Here's how the technology can help:

1. Increase Loyalty

Turning regular customers into loyalists is a nearly impossible task when you don’t have a loyalty program for them to join. Implementing restaurant engagement software into your restaurant will allow you to create a fully customized loyalty program that your guests will love! Not only will this help guests trust your brand more, but it will also provide you with valuable guest data and insights. The information collected can be used to ensure you’re exceeding your guests' expectations every time and catering your restaurant to that specific audience. On top of all that, your loyalty program will serve as an incentive that brings in guests more often than before. Restaurant engagement software makes having a loyalty program easy and profitable!

2. Enhance Brand Image

If you want your guests to recognize your brand, you’ll need to keep it consistent. That means incorporating your brand voice and imagery into everything your restaurant does, including your mobile app. Luckily, with restaurant engagement software you’ll be able to get a fully branded white-label mobile app built for you! Your restaurant app will be fully customized based on your branding, colors, logos, and menu images down to the modifier level. That’s branding so good, your restaurant is sure to stand out amongst the crowd! 

3. Flexible Ordering Options

As if this deal couldn't get any sweeter. Restaurant engagement software will help you produce a restaurant online ordering system worthy of your brand. It will be fully customizable with branding and menu images. As well as allow customers to order delivery, takeout, and curbside pickup directly from your restaurant! Maximize your margins by avoiding third-party commission fees when guests order directly through your branded, restaurant online ordering site. You can drive guests to order directly from your restaurant's online ordering page with sign-up bonuses, special items, or value-based promotions.

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4. Boost Engagement

Customers respond better to businesses that have a higher engagement level with their guests because it shows them that they’re being valued as more than just a number. Research has shown that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more when receiving a great customer experience. Engaging with your guests is the first step towards providing them with that positive experience. Although, engagement needs to happen even when the doors aren’t open. With the right software, you’ll be able to build relationships and keep your guests engaged even after they leave your restaurant. An engagement software will give you all the digital restaurant marketing tools you need to create lasting engagement with your guests!

5. Encourage Customer Feedback

Customer feedback should be highly valued and used as stepping stones toward improving the customer experience. It is pivotal information that helps empower positive change. Although, oftentimes we struggle to find a way to receive this insight from our guests. With a restaurant engagement program, you can send out automated surveys asking for customer feedback. If the survey alone doesn’t stand out to your guests then you’ll want to give them a reason to reply. Within these fully customizable surveys, you can decide to include an incentive such as a 10% discount on their next purchase. The valuable data collected will be worth the small deal because it will help you make leaps and bounds in your business. 

It seems like an all-in-one digital engagement platform is the solution your restaurant needs to turn things back around. By implementing the software into your restaurant you’ll have the right resources to solve any problem thrown your way. If you’re looking to raise your revenue and take control of your guest experience then you’ve come to the right place!


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