New Look, Same Mission— Incentivio's Fresh Branding

Incentivio is unveiling a strategic rebrand, showcasing their commitment to innovative digital solutions that enhance guest engagement and loyalty for restaurants.
Trace Mannewitz

Incentivio Reveals Fresh Branding to Reflect Pioneering Innovation in Restaurant Guest Engagement

We'll take a break from our regularly scheduled restaurant programming to talk a little bit about us. Much like any start-up, Incentivio's journey has been a series of stepping stones, each one bringing us new insights and information that build towards our next step. First clients, new partners, and Series A funding have all been significant steps towards creating the company we are today. 

This week marks the start of another new step for Incentivio. Today, we announce our strategic rebrand. At our heart, we're still the company you know and love. This strategic transformation underscores Incentivio's commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology to engage and delight restaurant guests through enhanced personalization.

A Legacy of Innovation and Growth

Since its inception, Incentivio has been at the forefront of digital technology for restaurants. Today, it is a pioneer, integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning to revolutionize how restaurants engage with their guests. 

Starting with a small team, Incentivio has grown into a international entity with a comprehensive suite of tools, including online ordering, mobile applications, and sophisticated loyalty programs​​​​.

The rebrand introduces a refined color scheme, an updated logo, and a newly designed website. These visual changes are more than cosmetic; they symbolize the company's commitment to innovation and readiness to meet the evolving demands of the restaurant industry. The new colors reflect maturity and forward-thinking, while the revamped website ensures a seamless, user-friendly experience for clients exploring Incentivio's extensive offerings​​​​.

Advancing Digital Guest Engagement

Incentivio's rebrand goes beyond visual updates. It represents a deeper alignment between the company's mission and technological advancements. Incentivio has consistently been a leader in applying AI to analyze guest behaviors, allowing restaurants to create more effective and personalized engagement strategies. The company's dedication to evolving its technology ensures it remains at the forefront of digital guest engagement solutions​​​​.

What's Next? 

As Incentivio grows, it remains committed to its core mission: to enhance customer lifetime value through data-driven loyalty programs and digital engagement solutions. The company looks forward to writing the next chapter of its success story, keeping restaurant guests happy and returning. This rebrand is a significant milestone in Incentivio's journey, and the team is excited to see how these changes will further impact the industry.

"One of the most important aspects of any company is the brand and our rebrand truly embodies our dedication to the restaurant industry,” said Kamryn Elliott, Marketing Manager and strategic leader of the rebrand. “We are grateful for our partners and customers who have been with us on this incredible journey. We can’t wait for this next chapter of Incentivio.” 

By adopting this rebrand, Incentivio celebrates its past achievements and sets the stage for future innovations, ensuring that it continues to lead the restaurant SaaS industry.

For more information about the rebrand and to explore the new offerings, explore Incentivio's redesigned website.