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Super Bowl 2022 Restaurant Orders Recap

We partnered with DoorDash Drive and offered free delivery on all orders! Here are the stats of The Big Game and how it influences the guest experience!
Kamryn Elliott

The NFL’s biggest game of the season gains a lot of traction from the number of viewers to the amount of food ordered with endless deals to fuel the on-demand service. This year’s game showcased the biggest stars in the history of hip-hop and R&B for the halftime show, featuring nostalgia-packed commercials for cars and crypto and an all-around great football game. To wrap the weekend up, for the first time ever, Valentine’s day was the day after the game.

For four straight days, restaurants worked non-stop to provide guests with on-demand food with Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day increasing demand significantly. To highlight the momentous occasion, we partnered with DoorDash Drive and offered free delivery on all orders at no cost to brands or their guests! We’ve pulled together the Super Bowl stats for our brands to show how football’s most televised game influences the guest experience.

Super Bowl Sunday vs. The Previous Sunday

Here are the highlights of the results:

  • Guests ordered nearly 15% more on Super Bowl Sunday than the previous week.
  • Delivery orders increased by 28% and the total cost of orders increased by 41%! More food for the game? Why not.
  • Pickup orders increased by 11% and the total cost of orders increased by 48%!
  • Web ordering reigned supreme for Game Day with a 33% increase in orders compared to the previous Sunday which had more mobile app orders.
  • The most significant impact of the game was an almost 50% increase in total order value compared to the previous Sunday. That means guests spent more on Super Bowl Sunday orders than a normal order
DoorDash Drive Super Bowl and Valentine's Day Delivery


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Our partnership with DoorDash Drive during The Big Game and Valentine’s Day brought a significant increase in orders and order totals for participating brands! Delivery and commission fees on all orders for the brands and their guests were waived for those two days. That means restaurants offered free delivery at no cost to the brand and guests didn't pay any fees! Below are the key highlights from the first-party delivery promotion!

  • Restaurant orders increased by 79%.
  • Order totals increased by 72%.
  • Restaurants saved 25% of what would have been commission fees, back into their revenue!

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