Digital Ordering

Why Online Ordering for Restaurants is Beneficial for Brands and Guests

Online ordering represents one-third of all restaurant orders post-pandemic. Here are the benefits that it can bring to your restaurant.
Amanda Hamel

It’s no surprise that digital orders represent nearly one-third of all restaurant orders post-pandemic, and the number continues to grow. Technology has taken over and improved many of our day-to-day tasks, one of them being on-demand, online ordering for restaurants!

With online ordering, the meal can be selected and paid for no matter where you are. The process is completed through the restaurant's online ordering on the website or restaurant mobile app. It’s quick, easy, and can be done when you’re on the go. Whether food is ordered for takeout, curbside pick, or delivery, online ordering speeds up the process! 

Here are 5 benefits of restaurant online ordering

1. It’s efficient and less time-sensitive

Online ordering for restaurants eliminates a lot of time that would be spent ordering in person. This applies to both the guest and restaurant staff. Restaurants can save several hours a week with an online ordering system, and this time can be put towards building a better experience for their guests. With a higher focus on the creation of the order, online ordering minimizes the risk of incorrect orders and speeds up the entire process. The guest experience improves with this process as well because their wait time will be shorter than it was before. For restaurant staff, it allows more time to be spent on perfecting the food and packaging process instead of worrying about taking the order. Online ordering improves the satisfaction of restaurants and guests for a seamless ordering experience.

2. Collects customer data

Online food ordering has grown 300% faster than dine-in since 2014 and now accounts for roughly 40% of total restaurant sales. With the growing number of digital orders, it's important for restaurants to keep track of this information. Another benefit of online ordering is the data that it provides. When customers order online it goes into a database that keeps track of which foods they order as well as many other statistics. This is beneficial for both the company and the consumer. The company benefits because they’ll have information about which products are doing better or worse than others. This allows them to properly supply their kitchens and fix their menus to be the best fit for their audience. As for guests, they can easily save their favorite orders and card information in a digital wallet that provides a more efficient check-out later. The simplicity of online ordering may also be the driving factor that brings guests back another time. 

3. Easier consumer control

Customers are granted full control of their orders when they use digital ordering. They can take the time to read through everything and make the changes they want. Customized meals are difficult to keep track of when ordering through a person in-store or over the phone. Customizations stand the chance of getting lost in translation or misunderstood when ordering in-store. Nearly 35% of customers agreed that online ordering makes customization easier. The order will be displayed to the guest again before being sent to the restaurant. That way they can easily review their order and ensure everything is accurate. This keeps the restaurant and guests happy!

4. Fewer abandoned orders 

When ordering online it's most common to make a mobile payment with the order. This minimizes the risk of fake orders and people changing their minds. Small businesses can’t always afford to throw away food when it is unneeded. Online ordering helps to make sure these occurrences don’t happen as often. Along with that, the customer can often choose a specific time for pickup. This makes online ordering more manageable and controlled. Restaurants that offer online ordering can raise their takeout profits 30% higher than those who do. Digital ordering now represents 28% of all orders.

5. Grow your bottom line

Orders placed online are larger on average, which means more revenue. According to Gloria Food, one-third of customers spend at least $50 when ordering food online, compared to $16-$30 in a full-service restaurant. The more time guests have to look over the digital menu, there's a higher chance they'll order more items. You can highlight specific items on menus and run promotions to influence their purchase. Now that’s a profit!  

Nearly 60% of restaurants can expect more sales when they offer online ordering to their guests! For a busy family, takeout is the best solution at the end of a long day. The average U.S household spends $2,375 annually on dining and takeout purchases. The simplicity and speed that online ordering offers make this no surprise. There are so many benefits for both the company and consumers to ordering online.