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Elevate the payment experience with the Incentivio and Braintree integration.

Elevate Your Restaurant Payment Processing with Incentivio's Braintree Integration

Smooth payment processing is pivotal for your restaurant's growth. The Incentivio and Braintree integration, through Spreedly, is crafted to elevate your payment operations and transform customer interactions.

What the Incentivio and Braintree Integration Looks Like

Seamless Payment Handling

With the Incentivio and Braintree integration, your payments are processed with ease and convenience for you and your customers. You'll also have access to a modernized and optimized payment experience.

Secure transactions to fight chargebacks

Incentivio also provides 3DS2 security that works in the background with 95% accuracy to fight chargebacks. The ~5% of transactions that sneak through have an added layer of protection through two-factor authentication that is authenticated directly within Incentivio's app/website. You can rest easy knowing that your restaurant's reputation and your customers' trust are in good hands.