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DoorDash Drive

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64% of delivery customers prefer to order directly from restaurants, while only 18% prefer to order through a third-party service. Switch to first-party delivery using our integration with DoorDash Drive!

What is DoorDash Drive?

DoorDash Drive is a DaaS (Delivery as a Service) product offered by DoorDash that provides an on-demand delivery fleet for restaurants at a flat rate with no hidden fees. This eliminates the need for restaurants to hire drivers, insure them, manage them or procure fleet management software!


With delivery through Incentivio and DoorDash Drive, your guests are able to order through you directly without all of the added commission fees and delivery fees third-party delivery sites charge. This also means you control the guest experience just as you would in-store and you automatically collect valuable customer data that you can then leverage to engage your guests far beyond your four walls.


Fully Integrated Experience for Guests

Incentivio ordering is fully integrated with DoorDash Drive. Guests can order delivery through your native mobile app and online ordering website. When they place their order, they’ll get a real-time estimate of the delivery time and track the status of their order in real-time. Your guests can also use gift cards, earn loyalty points, redeem rewards, and apply any offers they’ve received from all of the different ways they interact with your brand.

Own YOUR Guests’ Ordering Experience

When guests order through third-party delivery sites, they are ordering from a marketplace and are customers of that third-party site. With Incentivio, your guests interact with your brand directly. You control the look and feel of the ordering experience, in a fully branded mobile app or online ordering environment!

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No More Commission Fees

On average, third-party delivery sites charge 30% or more in commissions and fees. For most restaurants, after factoring in their food and labor costs, there is very little margin on orders placed through third-party sites. Calculate how much you’re paying in commissions.

With Incentivio + Doordash Drive, your guests will be able to track delivery statuses and estimated delivery times in real-time, directly from your native mobile app or online ordering site. Talk with us by scheduling a demo to learn more about our delivery capabilities and all-in-one restaurant online ordering system!