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NCC Reflection POS and Incentivio

With Incentivio, brands using NCC Reflection POS can also leverage data and machine learning, along with customizable loyalty, integrated gift cards, a data-driven marketing suite, CRM, and analytics. Being able to automate communication with the guest and deliver actionable data will reduce labor costs and drive additional revenue to the restaurant!

Restaurant Online Ordering Platform and Mobile App

Say goodbye to third-party fees and keep more of your hard-earned revenue with Incentivio's commission-free online ordering platform and mobile restaurant app, allowing you to focus on growing your business. With the fully branded solution, you can take complete control of your restaurant's digital ordering experience! From colors and logos to the smallest details, our platform reflects your unique brand essence, ensuring a seamless and memorable ordering process.

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Customizable Restaurant Loyalty Programs and Digital Restaurant Gift Cards

With Incentivio, you can turn first-time guests into loyalists with our customizable restaurant loyalty softwareEvery restaurant has its unique appeal and its own secret recipe for success. Our restaurant loyalty software appreciates this uniqueness. It offers you the freedom to tailor your loyalty program based on what works best for your brand and your customers. You can design a points system, punch-based, or tiers-based loyalty program based on the amount spent per visit, the frequency of visits, the number of referrals made, or even reward customers simply for joining the loyalty program. With our digital restaurant gift cards, guests have the ability to purchase and reload gift cards within your restaurant app, making it easier to pay in-app and via the web.


Incentivio's restaurant loyalty program being used by Wing It On!


Data-driven Restaurant Marketing with CDP & Analytics

Our digital marketing suite offers a variety of tools to help you create lasting engagement with your guests and attract new customers. With data-driven automation, you can target the right guests with the right offers at the right time, boosting your sales and online presence through effective restaurant marketing. Incentivio's restaurant marketing suite offers a variety of discount types to suit your needs! Whether it's amount-based or percentage-based discounts, you can target them to apply to an entire order, a menu group, or a specific item. These targeted restaurant offers are designed to boost customer loyalty and attract new customers for optimal success. With the NCC Reflection POS and Incentivio integration customer data is populated from web and app ordering, as well as in store transactions and customers are then segmented based off of this data and ordering patterns so you can send the right targeted offers to the right guests at the right time.

Restaurant First-Party Delivery

Offer your own delivery without the hassle of managing a driver fleet. We integrate with multiple third-party delivery services to provide white-label delivery within your online ordering system and mobile app! Your guests are able to order through you directly without all of the added commission fees and delivery fees third-party delivery sites charge. This also means you control the guest experience just as you would in-store and you automatically collect valuable customer data that you can then leverage to engage your guests far beyond your four walls.

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